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Side Note: I'm just going to warn those lovely people who read this that this chapter and many chapters after this contain more advanced swear words other than 'piss' I apologise in advance for the vulgur language but I decided to put feelings into this chapter... Enjoy though :)

**Noahs Point Of View**

I watched her walk away, the way she sprinted down the corridor to meet up with her form tutor was completely graceful. Once she had turned the corner I made my way to my form, it was only up some stairs so I didn't mind being late. I open the door and mumble the usual "sorry I'm late" which is inaudible to anyone within five cm of me.

"Noah, why are you late?" Mr. Chase asks me

"I'm just late." I lie

"Noah, can you wait outside for me" he asks calmly, he knew how much it pissed me off.

I turn around a walk out the door, letting it slam behind me. I hated it when he sent me out of form, it meant he was going to have a heart to heart, a man to man with me, it just pissed me off more.
I hear him complete the register and then his footsteps towards the door. The handle goes down and opens, Mr. Chase walks out and looks at me.

"You know I don't like being sent out" I say sternly

"I know Noah, I'm sorry. I just wanted to know what the hell is going on with you" he says

"You know what's going on with me" I reply

"Noah, as your form tutor I've been looking at your grades and attendance. It's not promising." He tells me, concern upon his face
"We need you to attend school more and Noah, we need you to try harder"

"Try harder? Try harder? You expect me, with all this shit going on at the stupid place i call a home and you tell me to try harder? D'you honestly think I'm not trying my hardest at all? Who am I kidding, of course you don't" I shout

"Noah, I need you to calm down for me" he asks, keeping his calm.

"Next you're probably going to say I need to try harder at keeping my anger under control?" I say, frustration in my voice.

"Noah? Please." He pleads "you either calm down now or you sit in inclusion till I see it fit for you to attend your lessons"

That little threat pushed me over the edge, I couldn't take anymore

"You know what?" I say "sod you, and sod this place!"

I walk away from him, I didn't need this, I was trying as hard as I possibly could and he was telling me to try harder. It was stupid, frustrating, it was everything that I didn't need. I go to my locker and grab my jacket, I needed to get out of the building but I had to stay on site otherwise they'd make a phone call to the hostel and tell Adam about my truancy of school. Adam was my parent/guardian in the hostel, everyone gets assigned one and you have meetings every week with them. He was the best father figure I had ever had, but then again my standards were pretty low. I go to my secret place that only Taylor and Mr. Chase new about, it was him who helped me out in finding it. I smash my fist and hands against the wall, slashing them open and bruising them. I slide down the wall and sit in the corner with my coat draped over me, hiding me from the world whilst I wept. I cry when I get angry, I don't know why, I just don't have control over how I feel at all. I needed a hug right now.
The bell rings for the start of lessons but I'm not going to mine, hell no. I wasn't in the right state. I didn't want to be in the right state, I was fine being an emotional wreck. I felt bad about Taylor, for not meeting her after form to walk her to her lesson, I failed myself for being a gentleman. I shouldn't be such a wreck. I don't know how long goes by but I feel like it goes of forever.

Suddenly I hear the door open and footsteps moving slowly around the terrace. I know who it is, Mr. Chase had a strange style at walking.

"Noah, I know you're out here." He says softly "I'm not mad okay, I just want to talk"

I take my coat off my head and wipe away my tears, trying to look as presentable as possible.

"I'm here" I say quietly

"Noah, oh Noah" he says whilst looking at me and holding his arm out for a reassuring hug. I walk towards him and take the hug.

We walk inside with his arm still around my shoulder. He leads me back to his class and I walk in, his room was empty and chairs were untucked.

"I'm sorry" I say softly, looking up to meet his eyes which were looking at me softly

"I know Noah. It's not your fault, I shouldn't have pushed you mentally, I know how hard it is for you." He say, sincerity in his speech. "Can we go over your grades? If you don't want to that's fine"

"Let's do it" I say louder than before

He lets me sit in his spinny chair whilst he takes a normal chair, we sit at one of the double desks and I look at my grades. I have been going from A's to D/F's all in the space of a month and a half. When you think about it, it's kinda sad.

Anyway. It was interesting to know this stuff. Just so I could now how badly I was doing.

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