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In Edolas 10 years ago Kalisco's POV
"Jellal what is Earthland? I heard father and Panther Lily mention it and they also mentioned something about my mother and Earthland." I asked.
"Through out the Universe there are many different worlds which are also called dimensions Earthland is an alternate dimension to Edolas. Everybody in Edolas have a counterpart in Earthland except for the exceeds and you." Jellal answered.
"Why don't I have a counterpart like the rest?" I asked.
"It is because of Anima." He replied.
" What's Anima?" I asked.
"Anima is what brought you here to Edolas," A voice that was not Jellal's it belonged to Panther Lily. "When you were being born in Earthland your mother died giving birth to you and at the same time Jellal's mother was giving birth to your counterpart but she didn't make it. The queen was devastated but then out of nowhere the light of anima shone and you fell out of the sky and right into her arms she was overjoyed even though she knew you weren't hers she still raised you without telling the king about where you came from for if he did he would kill you cause he is planning on stealing all the Magic on Earthland and keep it all for himself." Panther Lily explained.
"I will take Kalisco with me to Earthland where we will look for her family and I will stop anima." Jellal said.
"Very well I do have one clue of where you can start looking for Kalisco's family and you're parents were members of the wizarding Guild Fairy Tail for you came with a pendent with the Fairy Tail mark on it also one more thing take my little brother Jericho with you he is my only family I have left and I'm too busy to take care of him and I know he will be happier with you guys. He will remember everything about Edolas he also has the power to communicate between the dimensions so when you need any help or information don't be afraid to ask." Panther Lily said handing me a sleeping black and orange exceed who was really cute.
"Thank you I'll take good care of him." I replied stroking Jericho's silky fur and he smiled in his sleep.
"Kalisco I'm going to miss you very much but I know you'll do great things." He replied giving me a big hug.
"Kalisco it is time to go another wave of anima is coming and it is our only chance to get to Earthland also when we get to Earthland call me Mystogan I don't want to my counterpart or anyone who knows him to mistake me for him." Mystogan said.
"Ok I promise." I replied.

In Earthland at the Dreyar household 20 years ago Macarov's POV
It has been hours since my beloved daughter Calypso went into labour she was having a baby I was so excited this was my first grandchild and I was going to give Fairy Tail to the child when they were old enough and I sensed that this child would inherit my power well not exactly the same as my power In fact maybe stronger then my own.
After a long anticipated wait the nurse came out holding the little tiny baby but she also had tears in her eyes.
"Nurse is something wrong with the child?" I asked.
"No she is fine and she carries an emense amount of power within her however her power was too great for Calypso it was draining her life force but know this she fought till her last breath and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy child." The Nurse answered then there was a bright light and a hole opened up in the sky and carried my sweet Granddaughter away from me.
"No I won't let you take her." I yelled holding the sleeping child close to my heart, then the face of my beloved Calypso came to me and said.
"Father do not worry she will return to you in 10 years time for she has been chosen to unite Edolas and Earthland. She will come with a boy named Mystogan and an exceed named Jericho. The boy Mystogan is the prince of Edolas and her betrothed together they will unite the worlds."
"How will I know it is them?" I asked.
"They will come to Fairy Tail and she will have my Fairy Tail pendent you gave me for my 16th birthday. So do not worry and her name is Kalisco." She answered and returned to the sky taking Kalisco with her. I soon burst into tears even though I knew I would see her again but I felt empty.

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