Odd one out!

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Consider the consequences, think before you act, be.smart. Not how I role, I'm a quick thinker , and us quick thinkers like to act on the first impulse our minds come up with .Sorry I know I shouldn't have thrown my orange in his face, I know I shouldn't have put a rat in her lunch box but hey , I did and, newsflash! I'm not sorry about it. Average conversation with my principal, the outcome is never good despite all my efforts im always the one getting in trouble for something I didn't do... Or did with good reason. Look life is to short to follow the rules, I'm just sorry no one shares my affinity for food fights, pranks, and good old humor. Life's like a box of chocolates, you never gonna know what's inside. "But Gwenie you game Zach a black eye, how can you call that humor?"" Well sir the kid sitting in the garbage can after having had a wedgie, and a face full of cake, well he thought it was pretty funny and I call that justice!" "What about the rat in Rebecca's lunchbox ?"" She was eating steamed spinich, I saved her the world of hurt."" So Gwendolyn, you see yourself as some sort of super hero to to your fellow classmates?""Oh come on principal Newman a hero, do I look like a hero?"Pointing to my bedazzled jeans my aunt made me." I'm no super hero Mr.Newman I'm as ordinary as any of these kids in this school." That hit me hard, I couldn't believe I'd just said that about myself, maybe it was because I wanted it to be so terribly wrong that maybe admitting it would cause some kind of reaction in some parallel universe, and I would actually become a super hero. Well one thing's for sure I'm not normal, not in this school and when it comes to popularity,where you are among your peers, let's just say I'm the odd one out.

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