Chapter III

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After Vlad told me that his Great Grandfather was Joseph Stalin, I explained my own story from this surprising morning. I started from the top, arriving with my mother... Oh, in all that thinking, I'd forgotten that my mother was waiting in the lobby of the facility while I'd walked right past her on my way to the elevator. I pulled out my iPhone 6s and dialed her number. She picked up on the first ring. "Hello Fredric", she said," how was your latte? Don't worry, I took a cab back to our condo. I left the Bentley to drive home in. You looked worried so I thought you'd like the Bentley, it is more comfortable than a taxi-Thanks Mom," I said cutting her off while smiling to myself."No problem dear", she said laughing.

After my phone call and I'd finished telling my story, we decided to meet after school the next day.

As I was leaving, I thought about how we had met. It was grade nine, we were both top of the class and had similar interests so we had become friends quickly when we met in our first class, English. Now we were in grade 12 and we were almost inseparable.

When I got into the Bentley, I told the chauffeur to drive me home. In the heavy New York traffic I had lots of time to think about the probability that the descendants of such evil people would become best friends. Did that make us bad? I had so many questions I wanted to ask Vlad but I'd have to wait until tomorrow to ask many of them.

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