Chapter 11

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-Raven's pov-

My eyes went wide.

Was this really happening?

Once again all the emotions I had rushed into my head.

We finally broke apart when I needed to take a breath.

Jeff just looked at us in disbelief.

"Jack, not only did you break the main Important rule, your going to have to face with slenderman, and he is going to rip you to shreds when he finds out."Jeff said.

"He won't care anymore Jeff, after a couple years after slenderman's wife was killed by zalgo he told everyone that the main rule was lifted."Jack explained putting his arm around my waist.

Jeff growled.

"I won't let this happen."

"Just go back to the under realm Jeff, or I'll have slenderman put you in Jane's hands."Jack threatened.

By the way Jeff looked he must of knew what he meant and backed away a few steps before turning his heel and leaving me and Jack in the woods, taking one more glance at us and disappeared deeper into the woods.

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