You saved my life

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Everyone's pov

Amy and Shauna burst through the thin, glass doors and run up to the front desk. " Where is she. " They both ask. " Who are you looking for. " The lady asks. " A Spencer jet. " Amy says. " Ahhhh. I'll take you to her. " She leads them down a bright plain hallway and down some doors. Then they turn and go into another hallway. She says, " Make a left. "They obey and walk through some neat doors that look like silver. They see feet at the end of a bed. They walk through the curtains and see Spencer's face, beat up and reckless. By her bed is her parents and Hugo. Hugo's asleep. They dash over to her and touch her all over. Kissing her and holding her hand. Her mom says," Ladies take a chill pill. It's going to be okay. Hugo's been here ever since the accident. "
"Really?!?" They question. Hugo and Spencer dated just not that long. Then the girls both realize Hugo's still in love with Spencer. They both turn to face Hugo, noticing a something moving at the corner of their eyes. Hugo wakes up just Spencer does. It's like they're meant for each other. Everyone looks at Spencer, including Hugo who looks sleepy still. All she says is "Thank you. " and then looks around as if she's drugged. Then after a minute she reaches over and kisses Hugo in front of her parents!!! Hugo looks at her and smiles. Spencer says," thank you you saved my life. "

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