~ Zelilah's P.O.V. ~

I kind of overslept but I was still managing to go to school on time. My mom and dad drove me to school and the moment I got there, Ashton came over to me and asked me to join a family dinner of theirs later. 

"Oh honey! That would be great! Get all of your homework done fast, and we'd go to the Irwin residence by 7." My mom told me, joy plastered on her face.
"It's fine if you don't want to..." Ashton hesitated.

I really don't want to go but my mom and dad would just force me to.

"Oh don't be silly, Ashton. We'd love to go!!!" My dad beamed.

Before anyone could say another word, I said my goodbyes and left the car. Ashton and I tried to avoid each other as many times as possible, but we can't avoid French class because we're both in it. Luckily, we don't sit next to each other. Ms. Alej, our French teacher, walked in. She always greeted us in French so we had to greet her back in French as well.

Ugh! French! Its the sexiest language ever. Since I'm French, I catch up with lessons rather quickly than anyone else. I still hate the fact that I'm going to have dinner at Ashton's later. Even though being in French class sometimes calms me down, I still  can't get over that hideous fact. Suddenly, Ma'am Alej screamed at us, making me awaken from my thoughts.

She was angry at us for not listening to her. So she decided to give us a practicum thing. It happens before our first quarter exam. I guess that's okay for me, since I go to France for summer and Christmas break. After some time, the bell rung and it was time for recess. I waited outside Melanie's classroom as kids started to fill the halls. I even saw Ashton making out with Rebekah, the school head cheerleader, by the lockers. I swear to God that that's the sixth time I saw them kissing. Ashton usually kisses one girl just for one time, then he moves to another girl.

"Hey! Earth to Zelilah..." Melaine said waving her hand in my face.
"Oh, hi. So, how was Math?" I asked bringing up a subject for us to talk about before  she questions me on why I was staring at Ashton.
"Its okay, I guess. So, Seth and I broke things up. We're too young." She said looking down at the floor.
"Aw! You did the right thing. But you're still friends though, right?"
"Yup! We still are."

We walked over to our usual table, then started to talk about our own interests. I just remembered something and asked her:

"Does anyone know about you and Seth?!"
"Only his friends and you... why?"
"Because by Monday, he started becoming really popular."
"Yeah! I know that. That's actually one of the reasons why we broke up. That I might recieve hate."
"Aw. That's so sweet of him""

~ Skip to Lunch ~ :P

Melanie and I were talking, as usual, until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hey nerd! Just to remind you, wear something nice later. Wear something ordinary too. Not one of your sweater vests or nerdy clothing." Ashton said before walking away.
"So first you get locked, then he kissed you, and now you're going on a date? One thing I know about him is that he's not that easy." Melanie teased me.

"Ew. Never! And besides, its a family dinner at his house. And I swear to God, that that place, is the worst place to ever go on a date on."
"Yeah, right. Who knows? You might even find some women's undergarments there."
"Shut up! I'm not even into him."

"Just saying. What are you gonna wear? And are you sure that you still wanna go? It looks like its gonna rain."
"I'll figure out something later. And it's not like its just me. My family's going as well."
"Oh okay! I hope you work things out."
"Yeah. Like that's ever gonna happen."
"Good luck with Rebekah tonight."

I was confused at first but then I saw what she was looking at. Rebekah and Kelsey, one of the cheer leaders, were fighting. I think they were fighting about Ashton since he already made out with both of them. Rebekah's so stuck up! She's not even dating Ashton. What gave her the right to do that to Kelsey? Finally, Ashton came in to break up the fight and just walked Rebekah back to his table. They look so cute together. Both of them being the bitchiest people on Earth.

~ Skip to Dismissal~

As I was walking outside the school, Rebekah pushed me up against the wall. She was so crazy about Ashton!

"What's this I hear about you and Ashton kissing yesterday?!"
"Oh please, Rebekah. You aren't even dating. You have no right to be jealous."
"He may not be mine but someday he'll be. And besides, I'm the queen bee at this school. And everyone knows that he's MINE."

Before I could say anything back, Ashton came and took Rebekah's grip away from me. He said:

"Rebekah! Please stop! She's not even worth it. You know that I love you, right?"
"Yeah. I suppose I do." Rebekah replied before kissing Ashton.

Seriously?! She's wasting time to make me jealous, when I'm not even crushing on him! Ashton's a jerk. I went in my car and drove home.


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