Chapter 8

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        I woke up and Luke immediately popped into my head. Ugh he's like this drug, he's always on my mind and I can't seem to get him out. 

        I showered and threw on dark blue jean shorts, a tank top that held all the zodiac signs on it, and a a white thin cardigan. I walked downstairs and saw Shawn and Kyle sitting at the table. "What are you guys still doing here?" I asked them. "Neither of us could sleep at all last night and Luke said that he could just work by himself today," they answered. "How much sleep did you guys get?" I asked opening the fridge. "30 minutes," Shawn answered. "45 minutes," Kyle said right after. "Thetas gotta suck," I said pouring milk into my glass. 

        "I'm going to go get lunch, do you guys want anything?" I asked them. "Yeah, where are you going?" "Taco Bell," I answered. "Yeah just get us 2 hard shell tacos each," Shawn answered. "Okay, I'll be back in a little," I said as I started towards the door. 

        I got the food and pulled into the drive way. I walked and saw Shawn on the phone with someone. "Yeah write that...Okay...Okay see ya, no problem." "Who was that?" I asked him. "Luke, I called him and told him he could just lock up and go home, it's not like there's going to be a lot of people there anyways, it's pouring." We ate our food and watched a few episode of Family Guy. 

        I know a lot of teenagers would rather be with their friends rather than with their siblings but I love love being with them. I could just sit around with them all day and be completely happy. I think its because for a long time they were the only thing I had. They're my best friends, ya know?

        My phone went off a few minutes later. 

      From  Luke:  hey are you busy?

       To Luke: yeah actually, I'm spending the day with Shawn and Kyle. I'm sorry maybe tomorrow?

        From Luke: that's alright tomorrow for sure!

        I felt bad about saying no to Luke but I was with my family, I wanted to spend time with them.


                It was midnight and I was sitting on my bed scrolling through Pintrest. Oh my god school starts in a month in a half. ew. At least I know I'll have Luke for school and it wont totally suck. Nah school always sucks. My phone went off and I turned my head to look at it. 

        From Luke: em I need to talk to you

        From Luke: now 

        To Luke: whats wrong? meet me at the beach

        I got up changed back into normal clothes and hopped in my car. I hope every things alright. 

        I pulled up and saw him pacing back and forth in the sand. I ran up to him, "Luke! Whats going o-" I was cut off by Luke's lips smashing into mine. Sparks instantly flew. Before I knew what I was doing I began to kiss back. We pulled away and he stared down at me. "I'm in love with you," he told me. "No, no, no, no, you can't be in love with me." "I am, I can't get you out of my damn head, you are the only thing I think about, I go literally insane not being able to kiss you," he said. "But  you can't I can't. Somethings going to happen and we'll get hurt and we'll fall right back into depression," I said overwhelmed. "Em I'm not going to hurt you, I could never hurt you." "I can't go through that again Luke." I said backing away. "I'll talk to you later," I said wiping away tears that I hadn't even realized had fallen. I got in my car and sped home.

        He couldn't be in love with me and I can't be in love with him. It's just not an option, I refuse to put either of us through anymore pain when something happens. 'I love him, I love him so much it hurts,' my heart spoke. "No! I can't," I screamed. 'I love him, he loves me. Just because it hurts doesn't mean it wont be worth it,' my heart stepped in again. I pulled up to my house and ran to my room.

        I can't be in love with him. 'But I am,' I can't get hurt I can't do it. I thrashed around in my room. Please I can't do it. 

        Once I calmed down I just sat there and listened to my phone go off over and over again. I couldn't love him but I do. God, I love him, I love him, I love him. My eyes drooped and I knew I was about to fall asleep. I stood up and walked to my phone, everything was from Luke. I turned my phone off and laid down in my bed. I closed my eyes and fells asleep thinking about Luke's lips on mine. 

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