9. Fights & Curtains

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“Liam.” a hushed raspy voice called.

Liam looked up terrified. He saw Ashley was still on the sofa with her eyes closed. He got up and peeked behind the wall to still find Louis by the back door. Liam noticed the music had stopped playing. He looked at the floor above, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Before Liam could walk back to where he was sitting, he heard the voice again.

“Liam. Come here.” the call came from upstairs. It was a distorted female voice.

Liam stood in place staring at the top floor. He heard a small girl giggling. He decided to turn around and walk away. But before he could, the music was back on. As much as Liam didn’t want to find out where the tune was playing from and who was calling him, his feet didn’t agree with his heart. He found himself climbing the stairs and following the music like he had become it’s slave. He had reached the top and stopped. All the doors were closed and nothing seemed different from when he had been up here before helping Louis carry Zayn down the stairs. Suddenly the last door down the hall which belonged to the master bedroom they were all sleeping in, opened slowly.

“Come in.” the voice said followed by some giggles.

Liam gulped and slowly walked towards the door. He knew very well this was some sort of a trap but he also wanted the spine-chilling yet familiar music to stop playing. He walked into the room and everything looked like how it was left in the morning. The music had disappeared again. As he scanned the room to find anything out of place, he felt something soft touch his leg. He looked down to find a white cat pass him. Liam was sure the feline was a ghost. He had never seen or heard it in the past couple of days he had been here. His gaze followed the cat, who walked over to a small old box which had a big red star on each side. Liam noticed there was a small handle sticking out of the side of the box. He realized it was a jack in the box and assumed that was where the music was coming from. The handle started to move counter-clockwise and the music began to play again slowly. Suddenly, the door to the room banged shut.


Ashley jolted up from the sofa the moment she heard someone scream from upstairs. She quickly ran up the stairs and ran to her room. She burst the door open to find a girl using a curtain tie up to strangle Liam.  The girl had dark hair and her face was hidden by it. She stood behind him pulling the rope-like object on his neck. She kept giggling and laughing manically. Ashley ran up to them and held onto the tie up from the front preventing it from choking Liam. But it was difficult to do so as the spirit had more strength.

“Go away! We’re playing!” the girl shrieked.

“Molly choking someone isn’t a game!” Ashley yelled.

Molly Van Pelt was a ten year old girl who had the obsession of choking small animals such as birds and squirrels for her own amusement. She was diagnosed to be mentally dysfunctional. She had also strangled her own cat. Molly died from experimenting with herself by strangling herself with a curtain tie up.

“Go away!” Molly growled.

Ashley pulled hard at the tie up. She noticed Liam was turning pale. He struggled to breathe or even release a sound. She tried harder to hold onto the weapon. All of a sudden the tie up was pulled against Ashley making her pull her hands away. “Ah shit!” she looked down to see blood on her fingers. The tie up had ripped through her skin. Ashley looked up to see Liam leaning up against the wall unconscious. The tie up had snapped into two and was lying on either side of him. Molly had disappeared.

Louis rushed in and sat down beside Liam and Ashley. “Is he alive?” he asked looking at Liam.

Ashley shook her head. She knew there was no point in checking.

“Your hands. What happened?” he took her hands in his.

“I was trying to save him.” she whimpered.

Louis enveloped her in his arms and held her close as she heavily sobbed.

Ashley pulled back. “Louis?”


“Now it’s only us two who are left.”

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