You Promised...[Part 1]

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~Ok so remember the last sentence of the last chapter? Well my loves,  we go deeper into that, Ima need yall to POP Hold it down , pay close attention and try to decipher the promise. Comment if you THINK you know❤«Taj»


"What'chu mean? How did I play myself?", Taj looked up at Cece confused. "You sitting here acting like somebody made yo' stubborn ass give Jah ya' virginity and fall in love with him and his coco", he snapped, smirking. "Bitch whatever, I've loved that boy since middle school...shit since the promise", she blushed looking at the floor sighing. "Damn mami you got it bad", Cece frowned rubbing her shoulder. "Yeah...I guess I do", she chuckled lowly.


"Taj come here", her beautiful big brown orbs shyly met mines, as she scooted over towards me on the couch. My mama was gone and just like the first time, we'd stayed home from school but at my house, and she was once again watching Gang of Roses for the 33rd time since we've met and she saw it that first time after her sister died...she loved the movie, and even though I got sick of the shit after the 4th time, I watched still every time because she loved it and missed her sister.

I chuckled at her, "Why you so far away?". My voice was low and smooth, I felt her shiver as I pulled her on my lap making her little ass straddle it. "I-I don't kn-know Jah", she blushed, but it was replaced by a moan as I pushed her black skirt up, sliding her panties to the side and rubbed her swollen lips that were becoming puffy in anticipation. That pussy was mines, my bestfriend, I loved her tom boyish yet sexy, innocent vibe, she was chill and laid back unlike alot of the girls in the city and school that threw the pussy to any Sauga city nigga that gave'em a compliment and a cheap date.

I was her first and would be her only, I was keen on embedding that in her mind in a form of our promise, so it was boldly stated that no matter what, yet I'm imperfect by nature....simply don't fall. "Uhhh J-Jah please" she gasped gripping my shoulders as I rocked her back and forth on my erection, as it was freed from my basketball shorts. "Please what?" I taunted breathing deeply, growing harder and harder as her soft palace was pressed completely on my dick. I rocked and rocked and rocked her hips, watching her faces as her eyes fluttered closed scrunching together and her plump, pink ,pouty lips formed an out of breath O. "Love me hard Jahr-",.....

I shot up sweating, dick at full attention, and frowned looking over at my phone on the side of my head, next to me. I checked it and my notifications read, 5 missed calls, 12 texts, and a voicemail.


Drizzy-45minutes go

Chubbs-13 minutes ago
NiyoniLee-9 minutes ago
NiyoniLee-4 minutes ago
NiyoniLee-2 minutes ago

We fucked like twice, chilled mostly why she blowing me up? I checked the texts, most from Niyoni, and the voicemail from Chubbs saying Drizzy wants to work on some new shit tomorrow.

NiyoniLee.Fye-So u cnt answer the phone now?
2 seconds ago
NiyoniLee.Fye-Im cumin over

I sighed annoyed, as I prepared to text the bit-chick back but I stopped at an incoming text.

TajSo#TB- Im coming over w. Cece


~Still writing as of right now, just relax babies I'm giving yall this to hold you over till tonight when Part 2 is done, this where the story and all the secrets kick in full gear, leave comments I love feedback from you guys yall are so amazing. Thanks for the votes and reads!❤ #DatNiggaPartyIsBae

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