New Neighbors

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My name is Ryan. I am 16 and I love sports and hunting. I have a 15 year old sister, Abby and a 13 year old sister, Marisa. Being the oldest and only boy is cool and hard.
"Come on I want to meet the neighbors" said Abby, jumping up and down.
"Chill, I am coming" I said and went down stairs.
"You're too slow, I want to meet the cute guys in our neighbor hood. I sighed. Mom and Dad went to the house to the left and we followed them.
"Alright listen don't freak out" My Dad said.
"Ok we promise" said the girls. Mom knocked on the door and Willie from Duck Dynasty opened the door.
"Korie, our guests are hear" Willie yelled into the house and he invited us in.
"Nice jacket..." Willie asked.
"Ryan" I told him.
"Nice jacket, Ryan" he said because I was wearing a camo jacket.
"Thanks" I replied.
"Kids come down and meet the neighbors" Korie yelled up the stairs.
"Coming" shouted two kids. Suddenly John Luke and Sadie came down. Abby ran over and hugged him. I went over and tried to pry her off.
"Stop embarrassing us" I told her.
"Never, HE'S SO CUTE" she yelled in my ear. Sadie came over an helped me pull her off.
"Sorry about that she is kinda obsessed, with him" my dad said.
"It's fine" said Luke John.
"Dinner will be ready in about half and hour so why don't you guys hang out outside" offered Willie.
"We could ride 4 wheelers" offered Sadie.
"Sure" I replied.

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