Chapter 2

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Kassy's pov~

I sat on the puffy bed, thinking about Jenny and Seth, my two best friends. I missed them so much! I was just hugging my pillow watching dad from the window, picking up boxes and other stuff. Uncle Filip was hear to help.  I never talked to Filip but he is a great uncle. He does try to be happy and exited all the time, however, I know that inside uncle filip hates dad. Why? Because mother was his crush for three years until his brother took her on a date and stole her heart. From that day, uncle became more crummy and inperfect. But I still loved my dear uncle.

Mum came in, smiling like she was hiding something. 'Honey can you look after nancy while I go downstairs?' Mum asked, putting little nancy into my arms. When mum went I started to goo-goo over nancy. She was so delightful to look at. Big blue eyes, silky brown hair and rosy cheeks which looked like to large pink berries. I tickled her, letting her little legs wiggle freely. She let out a high pitch laugh, giving a small giggle at the end. How much I loved to play with little nancy...

'Hear I am' Mother walking into my room, posing like a model. I just gave her nancy, showing her way out. 'Honey' Mum whined, trying to stay still. 'No' I pleaded for her to get her ass out and to just fuck of. All she did was give me a sarcastic laugh before strolling away. 

I was about to shut the door when I saw something in the corner of my eye. I just thought it was nothing, going back to making a fuss over how much I miss my lovely friends. If only I knew it wasnt nothing...

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