2-Beyond Reapair

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Siting in Clary's room, I feel quite murderous towards Jace. I'm mostly confused though. How could Jace do this? He'd never hurt Clary, she was his sun and moon. His stars and sky. His everything.
He had been acting funny these past few months, mood swings and violent tendencies. Maryse had found warlock drugs in his room just last week. It had been on a weekend Dad was visiting us, and he'd wanted Jace out on the streets. Before Alec or I could even protest Mum had gone of her rocker.
She yelled at him about how he had not right to say any of that, seeing as he was never home. How he needed to learn to help his children and not just throw them to the dogs. How he needed to be around more, before he distanced himself from us for good.
Mum was crying and her voice was full of heartbreak. It only dawned on me in that moment how hard it must have been for her, to watch the love of her life slowly drift away. She'd been so strong until then.
I thought dad was going to leave, but he didn't. He stayed and he held her tight. He was crying as well, making unnatural sounds I'd never before heard. Loud, deep sobs. He turned to us and opened his arms. Alec and I rushed in immediately, needing the closure.
Jace just stood there, until he walked hesitantly forward, emotionlessly.
Flashing back to reality, I released Clary from my death grip.
"Well," I tried to sound cheerful, "I'm going to kill Jace. No questions asked, I'll make it look like and accident,a" I smiled. "You look gorgeous Ree."
I look in Clary's eyes and my heart breaks. Once so full of love, life and happiness. Now they're just full of pain and heartbreak.
Her eyes widened as she gripped her Parabatai rune and chocked in pain, before passing out.
I was in the Institute, after portalling myself and Clary directly into the infirmary. After laying Clary down in a cot I'd grabbed my cell out of my pocket with urgency. Speed Dial Number Two:
"Greetings, Isabelle Lightwood. What do I owe to the pleasure of such fine company?" I could sense the carelessness in his voice.
"Institute. Now. I'll explain when you get here," my voice shakes and I sound close to tears.
Magnus hesitates, hearing the urgency in my voice.
"Is it Alec...?" he questions, sounding on the edge of panic.
"I don't know," I admit.
"I'll be right there."
I pace up and down in worry. One minute passed. Two minutes. Three. Four. Five.
The sound of the Institute elevator startles me. I open the door as Alec and Magnus rush down the hallway, carrying an unconscious and bloody Simon between them.
My heart clenched and I froze up. Simon, my Simon, was hurt.
I knew he would get hurt at some point, being one of us. But seeing him like this...I couldn't comprehend it.
Clary rushed to the door, seeming to wake up from the stupor Simon's attack caused. She helped set him up on an infirmary cot, then rushed to get a stele and tongs. Magnus and herself began to pull out the demons teeth, while Alec pulled me into a bone crushing hug.
When all the teeth were out Magnus began using magic to put Simon to sleep and preserve his life, while Clary drew healing and blood replacement runes.
Except the runes weren't working. While Simon was still bleeding profusely the runes melted into his skin and did nothing, probably due to the demon poison.
Clary kept drawing them, old and new, and all it did was drain her energy. With Magnus using his magic to expel the poison it began to work, but Clary was getting weaker by the second.
She promptly fainted, and Magnus lay her on a cot. Her lips and fingertips were blue, her complexion even paler than before. As Magnus healed her, he seemed to grow less...sparkly.
He sat down when he was finished and demanded a glass of water. Alec quickly fetched one and returned, a blanket in hand as well.
"Will they be okay? Will you be okay?" he questioned, gesturing first to Simon and Clary then to Magnus.
"Maggy's a big boy, he'll be okay," confidence slowly returned to my voice, "and I dare not question his handy work."
We all crack a smile.
"Now, my little fashion friend, do tell us what was bothering Clary," Magnus states while twirling his hands excessively.
"She might want to tell you herself," my voice goes stiff and unwelcoming.


Slowly opening my eyes I see Simon slowly sitting up in the cot beside me, as if we woke up at the same time. He turned to me and smiled, but still grimacing in pain.
Turning my head I see Alec, Izzy and Magnus all sitting in the infirmary chairs. I brighten up a little. I'm still hurting and heartbroken, but I have people who care for me.
I turn to them and try to smile, but my wild hair and bloodshot eyes signal distress.
"Biscuit," Magnus spoke softly, "what happened?"
I look at him and then turn my head to Simon, who was rubbing his Parabatai rune. He could feel my distance through it. He had said it had been feeling odd these past few months, but that could be attributed to the stress we'd all been under with the demon hunting and family drama.
Everyone looked worried, and it felt nice. We'd all grown so close in recent years.
"Fine I guess, I'm having trouble remembering some stuff. Um anyway," I begin," Jace, he um-" at my words the door slams open.
Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. Jace looks more like himself than he has in moths, as if the worry of me being hurt woke him from a stupor. I haven't seen his eyes so gold in ages.
I turn to Izzy as her face contorts into a mask of rage.
"JONATHAN HERONDALE YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO LEAVE THIS ROOM BEFORE I KICK. YOUR. WORTHLESS. ASS!" She bellows. Everyone jumps in shock, and Alec has to restrain Izzy from murdering his Parabatai.
I can hear Jace asking if I'm okay, but its as if I feel a cold grip over my heart and mind, causing me to ignore him.
"No," Magnus glared suspiciously, "and it sounds as if you have something to do with it."

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