Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I woke up this morning having yet another dream of that fucking wolf. Its not faire that this big bad wolf gets to take my sleep away. I got off my bed and went directly to the shower as I showered I mentally planned what I was going to wear today.

I got out of the shower and saw a balloon tied to the handle of the door leading downstairs. Before I went down there I should probably get ready. I went into my closet and ran threw my dresses I put on a nice long sleeve thigh high frees that hugged my curves just right. The long sleeves was lace and was so beautiful. It was simple yet flashy. After putting on my pumps I untied the balloon from the knob and took it down stairs a saw another and another about 6 balloon that I untied that all lead to the kitchen as I walked in the kitchen mother and father turned around with an envolope in fathers hand.

"Happy Birthday!" Mother and father announced at the same time.

"Thanks." I replied with a smile on my face.

"Here an early birthday present." Dad said as he placed the envolope infront of me. I looked down and it said 'happy birthday jade' I opened it and there was a card the read 'we love you so much jade from daddy and mommy' when I opened the card there was a Chase credit card.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed jumping up and down on my feet, "Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome honey we love you," they said very awkwardly.

"Whats the catch?" I asked.

"I know you might be disappointed but your father and I have to go on a week long business trip today," my mother said dissapointed.

I smile at them sweetly and say, " Its okay we'll celebrate when you get back."

And with that they were happy again. After breakfast I got my bag and got into my car. I drove to school and received many balloons, roses, and gifts from do many people including people I didn't even know.

When I got to my locker it was wrapped in wrapping paper I smiled as I approached my locker and stuffed it with the gifts and roses. I instantly figured that the balloons would not fit so I'd have to take it to ask my classes.

"Happy Birthday Bitch!" I heard Joanna scream ad she approached me and my locker.

" Here ya go beautiful!" She said proudly as she passed me a home made baked cake that read 'birthday bitch'.

"Thank you so much." I said.

"Nope." She smiled.

"And from me here you go..." Crystal said as she passed me a huge teddy bear about my size that held the happy birthday sign.

"Thanks! I love it!" I said.

The bell rang and we said our goodbyes and I decided to go to my car and stuff the teddy bear in the passenger seat. As I got to my car I unlocked it with a button and it made the unlocking noise I opened the passenger door and stuffed the bear in there and also put the balloons in the trunk. At lunch I'll stuff all the gifts and presents in the back seats. I closed the trunk and door and locked the car right before I even took a step away from my car I got shoved against my car pretty hard.

"Hey, baby happy birthday." An all too familiar voice rung. John.

"Get off me!" I said.

"You always liked it when we did this... and this," he said as his hand started to travel up my leg to my thigh and under my dress.

"John! Stop it!" I shouted.

Out of know where John was on the floor bleeding like crazy as though his nose just broke. I looked up to who had just launched John to the floor and I saw the most beautiful angel ever or at least I thought he was. There in front of me standing 6'4 huffing and puffing was a guy that had jet black hair and vibrant blue eyes. His body was toned perfectly, he definatley had an eight pack I thought to myself.

"You done staring, beautiful?" He asked with is soothing deep voice.

"Not. Quite," I hummed, " I mean... yes." I quickly added.

"Happy Birthday by the way." He said half heartedly.

"Tha... How do you know its my birthday?"

"Because you're my mate."


"Yeah my soul mate..."

"Me? How do you know?" I asked confused.

"Wait... How old are you turning?"


"You're parents haven't explained?"

"My foster parents?"

"Oh." He turned around and started walking towards the forest.

"Wait!" I shouted, " I'm having a party tonight at my house... for you know... my birthday, come."

"I'll be there." He says and runs into the woods.

Well damn if he's my soul mate then he has to see my at my best tonight.

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Hey guys I'm starting to think the chapters are short... I need help are they short ??

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