Together again?

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Christmas break ended and the second part of the school semester was about to begin. All the students had greeted their friends with happy faces, except for Luhan and Yoona. Sehun was just standing there in awkwardness and didn't know what to do with the awkwardness. Yuri then walked in and just sat in her desk like she usually did. Yoona then started talking about some things with Yuri.

Luhan's POV
It's not even my fault that Taeyeon kissed me. Did Yuri tell her? I mean this is so messed up and it's good that I'm not Taeyeon's friend anymore. Sehun isn't either because I told him what happens and now we are staying away as far as we can from her. The teacher came in and Taeyeon still didn't appear and I was starting to be happy and smile. Then the bell rang and everyone went to their second class. I was walking to my next class and I decided to ask Yuri if she told Yoona about the situation.

Yuri: why should I tell her?
Luhan: Yuri!!!
Yuri: what?
Luhan: she's only gonna listen to you
Yuri: you should be the one explaining... Not me
Luhan: I don't feel close with you guys anymore
Yuri: and whose fault do you think it is?
Luhan: I'm just really sad that we weren't as close as we used to be and I used to be really good friends with the girl I like and now we aren't that close anymore
Yuri: ok... If you want us to be like before then you have to do something for me
Luhan: what is it?
Yuri: you have to go to school with Yoona everyday in the morning like you used to... Easy?
Luhan: that's pretty easy!
Yuri: good... I'll check
Luhan: can you come with us though? I want to walk with you too
Yuri: no just Yoona

Yuri then walked away. Wow was the only word in my head and it felt like an arrow pierced through my heart and I felt like I was just rejected but luckily I wasn't. I hope I won't ever get rejected by Yuri ever...
End of POV

The rest of the day was just like any regular normal day. Yoona was waiting for Yuri at her locker and then they went home together. Then Sehun and Luhan stood in front of them.

Sehun: Yul!!! Can me and Luhan walk with you guys?
Yoona: I don't know... I feel awkward with you guys
Luhan: Yoona please?
Yuri: let's go I mean we haven't done this for a long time

The four then walked home like they used to and slowly from that day on their friendship started to mend. Some people are probably wondering what happened to Taeyeon. It's actually really simple. Taeyeon was sitting in her black limo to go to school and her chauffeur was just driving and then suddenly one of her tires then popped and they had to fix it. Taeyeon thought she could just walk to school. However, a girl in sunglasses and a hat bumped into her so hard that she fell into a puddle and her skirt was so wet it looked like she peed on it. She thought she couldn't go to school like that and then decided to go home. Then the worst thing happened after that. A pigeon pooped on her head and she was embarrassed and pissed off. She had to go home with a wet skirt and pigeon poop on her head.

Author's Note:
Hi Chingus! I keep changing this story and I know. I'm a really confusing author. I just want people to know that this is my first fanfic that I have published for other people to read and I just hope everyone keeps reading. Also, who here has Instagram? I know that was really off topic. Anyways I will try to update ASAP! Saranghae everybody!

FYI the girl that bumped into Taeyeon was Yuri just in case you didn't know...

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