I'm on center stage grabbing the mic.


Here comes that feeling in the air. I was just about to say, "My name is Rico Iglesias.", when something terrible happens. As I was walking to the other side of the stage, there was some lube from the sexual show last night on the floor. I guess the janitors missed the spot. Sadly, I slip on the left over lube and I started falling. I let go of the microphone and it fell right under my landing spot. Somehow, it managed to land on the pointy end, so when I fell, the pointy end of the microphone cut through my jeans, and my underwear, and got lodged in my butthole.

"OH MY GOD. SOMEONE HELP HIM.", yelled the crowd

I was in severe pain and I didn't know what to do. Next thing I know, I'm bleeding from my buttocks area.



I was in the crowd, ready to see what Rico was going to say then I heard a BOOM. I gazed up and saw Rico layin' on his ass. There was a puddle of blood and I thought that Rico was on his period. Then I noticed a microphone lodged in his buttocks when he got up. I rushed towards the stage to see what actually happened. When I tried getting there, Rico's fatass body guards blocked me off.

"LET ME GO NOW!!!.", I exclaimed.

"Sir, please stop, before we make you stop", said the bodyguards that look like they're wearing chubsuits.


Later, an ambulance came to pick Rico up and to take him to the hospital. Before you know, Rico's butt blood is all over tv. And then, I get a call from someone unknown. I pick up hoping that it's not one of those damn prank callers, shoving hot dogs up his mouth. But then I hear the other guy on the line say, " Hello this is the Ellen Degeneres Show and we would like to have you and your friend Rico, the one who had the accident on our show."

AUTHORS NOTE: Hello children, I told you part 2 was coming. Special thanks to Nick for helping me make part 2. I'm hoping school is canceled today, but it probably won't be. Like always, I hope you enjoyed it, and please vote and comment. See you guys for part 3.


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