Chapter 22 - The Lambs

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Jason Marelli

One Night Later

A sudden chill shook his body. He opened his eyes to find himself standing outside a coffee shop. A small child riding a scooter and his parents walked by, both smiling at him.

"You lost, sir?" the small boy said politely.

Jason studied the kid closely. Small, innocent, and most importantly, unscathed.

"Where am I?" he asked.

The boy laughed. "Look behind you, silly!" He pointed his tiny finger.

Jason turned, his eyes turning bleak as he saw it.

It was the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the most remarkable landmarks ever created. It connected the city of San Francisco to Marlin County, California.

"San Francisco . . ." Jason muttered to himself. He marveled at the beautiful sight in amazement.

Wait, no. What the fuck am I doing here? Jason's thoughts were scrambling inside his head.

Jason turned. "Thanks, I––"

The boy and his parents were gone. Just like that.

Chills began creeping up his spine. This did not give him a good vibe. Not at all.

Jason examined the coffee shop. The Warming Hut, its name was. It looked familiar––strangely familiar. Like he had been here before.

A small bell rang as he entered the shop. It was packed with tourists and locals, all seemingly enjoying their time. It seemed like none of them were aware of any sort of apocalypse that was happening.

Jason approached the counter, his face puzzled. There was a lady standing behind it, smiling at him. She was no older than him.

"You confused, sir?" she asked.

"Um . . ." He thought. "What year is this again?"

She laughed. "Really? It's 2013, dude."

"What the fuck," he muttered to himself. "No, it isn't. It's not two thousand fucking thirteen."

"Jeez. Sir, I'm just trying to help you."

"And why are you calling me 'sir'? We're like the same age."

There was a look of bafflement on her face. "Really? Jeez. You're what? Twenty-nine?"


"Well, Mr. Seventeen year old, is there anything I can help you with? You want to order something?"

"No, I'm good." Jason walked away and headed for the door. He then felt a sudden rush of guilt. He turned back to apologize to her. "Look, I'm sorry––"

The lady was no where to be seen.

What the actual fuck is going on?

Before he could turn back to the door, he heard his name.

His old friends from school were calling him. They were the usual group he hung out with at lunch. Gerry, Ryan, Joel, Kendell, and Kylie.

The only person missing was Anastasia.

He walked towards them, cautious, studying them closely. He would've been ecstatic seeing his friends again, but they were supposed to be dead. "Hey . . . guys."

"You look like you've seen a ghost," Joel said.

"Well, I'm looking at them right now."


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