The Little Known Perry

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This is a story that, if it wasn't for me telling it, you would probably never hear. My name is Sean Perry. Before you even ask, yes I am related to them. Kimberly is my older sister. Reid and Neil are my two younger brothers. Never heard of me, huh? Well, I can't say I'm surprised since I've spent the last eight years in prison.

That's just not something my siblings would randomly mention during an interview. How would that go? "We've got several hit songs, a couple CMA awards and, oh yeah, we've got a brother who's doin' time." What's the interviewer gonna come back with? "Well, let's talk about your CMA awards." Hell no! Are you kidding? They're gonna wanna know about the unknown brother in the Gray Bar Hotel.

The worst part for me is that on July 18th, 2015, I'll turn 30 in this hellhole. I guess Mom must have had some sort of love for July. Reid's the odd man out being born in November. The rest of us are summer babies. Anyway, some way to spend a milestone birthday, huh? I really have nobody to blame but myself for being here though.

Truth be told, if I had it to do all over again, I'd do the same damn thing. If I wouldn't have, Tracy would probably be dead right now. Instead, it's that no good, worthless sonofabitch that's takin' a dirt nap. I can't say I'm sorry he's gone. I'm really not. My only regret is the one tiny oversight that landed my ass in here.

Before I get way too far ahead of myself, I need to back up and tell y'all how I got here in the first place. It was about ten years ago now. I was being protective over a girl that moved in not far from us. One thing led to another and, before we knew it, we were falling in love. Love? What else can you possibly think of that would make a man do something as stupid and careless as I did?

Okay, let me tell y'all what happened......


Author's Note: With my work schedule and other stuff, updates on this story may be slow at times so please bear with me. I've got some of the storyline worked out in my head but finding time to actually write it is a different thing. I hope you enjoy this story. Comments are always welcome (and inspiring).

- TeeKay

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