-3- Let My Change Of Heart Occur

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        4 months later and I find myself a changed person…

        Nash and I got closer and closer, but he still doesn’t know much about my mental state or family situation. But he does know who I am, what I want, my desires, my dreams, my favorites, and my least favorites. And that all seems to be enough for him. He doesn’t pry, but he makes sure I’m okay. He genuinely cares about me, or at least I think so. He knows I don’t have many friends, so I see him almost every day. He usually stops by my work after my shift and we go get something to eat or walk around the city for a few hours talking about life.

        Today is just a regular day. I’m working the midday to closing shift. I wake up in an empty home, my grandmother died just a month ago causing my Grandpa to travel all over to maintain some sanity and self fulfillment. I didn’t mind though, I’m glad he’s found a healthy coping system. I grabbed my phone off the kitchen counter. 2 messages, one from Nash and one from my Grandpa. I opened my grandpa’s message first to make sure everything was okay. It was a photo of him with a bunch of other people I didn’t know surrounding a small framed picture of my grandmother. The caption read;

        She always wanted to go to Ireland, so I brought her here. Conor bear, you’d love it here! The grass is green and the people are so friendly! I’ll be home soon, be safe and smart Missy! I don’t want any calls from the police station! :) Send me a message so I know you got this! Love you so much, you’re my rock baby girl.

-Grandpa :)

        I smiled warmly, allowing a small giggle to escape from my lips. My thumbs danced across the keyboard, trying to think of a response. I began typing,

 Hi Gramps! I see you discovered emoticons :D Im proud you’re starting to catch up with the rest of the world, haha! So glad you made it to Ireland safely, and obviously meet some friends. I just know grandmas spirit is with you in this trip, and she is for sure smiling and partying right by your side! I love you so much and appreciate everything you’ve done/been doing for me. See you soon!

-Conor Bear <3

        I sent the message, then exited the chat to check Nash’s text. It read;

Nash: Midday-closing shifts today? I can pick you up if you want! You should sleep over at my place, I can’t believe you drive for an hour to get to work!

        I smiled and bit my lip, my thumbs once again dancing in hesitance over the keyboard. Sleepover? Is he gonna try anything? hmm, I doubt it. Nash isn’t like that. He’s been respecting my boundaries so much. It would take a load off of the whole driving thing. Maybe I should do it? I began to type a message back;

Me: I’m impressed you remembered what shifts I was working today haha. That all actually sounds super nice! I’ll pack some stuff and expect you here in about an hour and a half or so? The address is 4022 Angel drive.

        I smiled and hit send, happy with my response. Almost immediately, he responded.

Nash: Sounds good! On my way! :D

I texted back;

Me: Awesome! See you in a bit!

        I ran back to my room, grabbing a bag that I bought and stuffing clothes in them.

        “Sweat pants, Tank top, ummm…” I listed off, placing things in the bag. “UNDERWEAR!” I screamed, stuffing a clean pair inside the bag. Quickly, I got ready for work, placing small tolietries in my bag as I went along. After an hour of getting ready for everything, I heard a knock on my door.

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