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Chapter 7 - Skylar's POV
(Before the party)

I decided to confront my dad after meaningless talks with the girls about the party. I know he won't let me, when he says no it's no and that's final.

I knock on my dads office door but no reply. I knock again but still no reply, strange? My dad is always in his office at this time.

"Your dad's gone out Hun" I hear a voice behind me. I turn round to see Tommy standing there eating a bowl of cereal.

"Do you know where he went?" I ask.

"No I'm afraid, he didn't tell me or anyone, but I'm sure he will come home soon" He smiles before leaving.

Weird my dad just leaving like that without telling anyone where his going, not even Tommy his best mate. Well that's great, God knows when the fuck he's coming back. It may be hours, or DAYS till he comes back. Well then........... I guess I just have to go without no one knowing then.

I grab my phone and start texting to the girls.

"Hey biatch guess who's coming to the party 🎉!"I send to Tris, she reply's almost immediately.

"OMG are you serious! Your dad let you !!?🙆"


"SKYLAR! You are going to be in soooooo much trouble if you sneak out!💀"

"The thing is, strangely my dad isn't home so I can't ask him"

"Your dad isn't home? Where is he?"

"The strange part is that. No one knows where he went!"


"IKR (Iknow right)"

"So what are you going to do?"

"I guess I'm just gonna sneak out like always😏"

"What if your dad comes back and your not home?😰"

"Well then, promise me you will have Zac Efron at my funeral😎"

"LOL😂Ok Sky good luck👍!"

"Thanks I might need it✌️".

I lock my phone and head upstairs to get ready or the party. I take a shower, dry my hair then curled it. I open my wardrobe and take out all the dresses I have and lay them out on my bed.

"No" I throw the dress in the 'NO' pile.








"N...Actually....not bad!" I lift my red maroon, long sleeved dress which I got a few months ago. I put on my black high heels and my diamond necklace. I add foundation, eyeliner, mascara, nude lipstick and some black eye shadow to create a smokey affect. I look over my phone to check what time it is, 7:45pm. I still have more than half an hour, so I decide to paint my nails black with little sparkly shit that Roxy got me for my birthday. It takes me ages since I haven't painted my nail in a while but it turned out alright in the end.

Ok, time to sneak out.
I open my door slightly and check to see if anyone is in the corridor.


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