I stared at Chris infuriated. What gave him the right to be looking through my drawings? Yes, he was right, I did draw Camila. But that doesn't mean I like girls,it just means that I like Camila.

"I-I" I started.

"Lauren" he said softly touching my shoulder.
"There's nothing to be worried about" he said his eyes softening.

At least he doesn't think it's wrong for me to like girls. Which, I guess I do, well I know I like camila. A fucking hell of a lot.

I softened my eyes and looked at him, satisfaction in my eyes. I knew we were family, even though we fought, he WAS always there for me. I was grateful for that.

"I know" I smiled lightly at him, still whispering incase camila could hear.
"But you shouldn't be looking through my stuff" I said sternly.

He sighed.
"I know" he said look down resentfully.
"But I saw it and I just couldn't stop flicking through the pages." he smiled at me.
"I'm proud if you Lauren, you really have a thing for art huh?"

I guess I did, it did relieve a lot of my stress. It did help me get through a lot of things. Expressing my feelings came through easily in the form of art and camila was exactly what I was feeling. So I drew her.

I looked down slowly, wondering what to say next.
"Do you think camila would be weirded out if she found out?" I asked slowly.

He looked slightly confused.
"Of course not" he said instinctually.
Something flashed through his eyes.
"By the way she looks at you, I don't think she'd be weirded out at all" he grinned at me.
He turned around and walked up the stairs. I was stood alone to think about what had just happened.
What did he mean 'the way she looks at you', how does she look at me? Is it a good look?
AND my brother knows I like girls, is he the only one?

I decided to go back into the kitchen, making sure camila was already since me and Chris had been talking for a long time.

When I walk in she is still sat at the table but she has her phone in her hand and she notices me come in. She wiggles is at me when I come in.

"Just texting my mom" she smiled.
It was silent for a moment until she looked up.
"Is everything okay?" she asked innocently.

Did she hear? Does she know that I like girls?
No, I'm just over reacting. She couldn't have heard.

"Y-yeah" I started off.
"It was just you know- sibling stuff" I smiled sitting across from her at the table as I looked into her eyes. Still as beautiful as always.

"I heard shouting- were you fighting? She asked. I watched her lips as she talked, mesmerised.

Did she heard what we were shouting about? I fucking hope not.

"Yeah" I said slowly looking down slightly embarrassed.
"We fight a lot" I admitted slowly.
"Chris and I" I added. "We don't have the most.... friendly relationship" I confessed. Why am I telling her this? I haven't even told Mani this stuff. Why do I feel this comfortable?

It was silent for a moment.
"I'm sorry" camila spoke quietly.

My eyes softened.
"No" I spoke back to her.
"You don't need to be sorry for me" I smiled at her shaking my head.
It was silent again.

"Me and my sister have one of the best relationships" she smiled carefully.
"I think it's because of our parents though, we've gotten closer" she winced.

"How are your parents?" I asked hoping not to hit a nerve and also trying to change the subject.

She looked down but I caught her eyes just before, her eyes showing pain.
"Worse" were the only words she spoke.

She looked up and a tear rolled down her cheek.
I pushed my chair around the table so I was next to her.

"Are you okay?" I asked her putting my arm around her and once again her little frame lay into mine and fit like we were two pieces of a puzzle, made for each other.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just worried about Sofi" her little voice spoke under my arm.

"If you need anything, anything at all, just ask... I will always be here" I spoke to her and her head lifted up at my words.

Our mouths were so close. I stared at her lips. They looked so pink , so kissable. I couldn't look any longer, if I did I would regret it and I couldn't bare the thought of it. My eyes flickered back up to hers, afraid if I looked any longer I would kiss her. When I looked at her eyes they were on my lips. I spoke trying to ease the tension filling the room.

"Do you want to come and help me look for a job I can take up on the weekend? my parents are cutting me off" I said to her suddenly, revealing information to her once again like it was nothing.

"I'm sorry" she spoke, her eyes coming back up to mine and she edged her chair away.

She was at it again. Thinking about everyone and being sorry for things she never caused.

"You'd don't need to be sorry" I laughed lightly.
"So?" I asked getting up and moving towards the door.

"Of course" she smiled getting up from her chair and followed me to my room.

We walked up the stairs and when we reached my room, I opened the door and let camila go in with me following behind her.

I sat down at my computer turning it on and camila sat down next to me.

"I have no clue where I can go" I spoke.
"I just need to get some extra money"

Camila was silent for a moment.
"Are there any cafés around here? I used to work in one back in Miami and the hours were short and I didn't really have to do anything" she said shrugging her shoulders looking up to me.

I thought about it. There is isn't there?

"Yeah there's one just down the road" I spoke.

After searching for at least half an hour me and camila had found the cafe and printed off a work form so that I could fill it out and send it in. At the time it was around half 8 and camila told me she had to go.

I smiled as she left as I had a surprisingly good day. Who knew that your brother finding out that you're gay and looking for a weekend job could be that fun?
It's just what happens when I'm with camila.

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