I noticed that Davier was sitting alone at the white lunch table. Millions of students talked around him, but he seemed to just pick at his mashed potatoes and roast beef. I set my lunch box on the table in front of the seat across from him. "Hey" I smiled cheerfully, trying to lift his mood. "Hey" he smiled as he looked up at me, dropping his fork on his plate."I barely know anything about you" I said jokingly. He laughed and stuffed mash potatoes in his mouth before saying, "Let's play twenty questions". "Okay, I'll start, Why did you move here?" I asked. " I moved here to get away from my past" he left a silence in the air that added to my suspense. "What do you mean past?" I knew that I had to ask or else it would stay in my head as an unknown mystery. "J-just some gender issues" his face suddenly turned pale like he was a deer in head lights. He stood abruptly and said, " I've said to much I have to go, bye" he ran out of the cafeteria.

That Saturday when me and Katie went shopping I told her all about my conversation with Davier as she was changing in the dressing room. She would come out periodically to show me her outfit. "Then he got up and ran out saying that he said to much, the whole senerio was weird" I said stuffing a cheeto in my mouth. "Wow, gender thing....hmmm" she came out of the dressing room, twirled around then waited for my approval.

She wore a blue stapless dress with rhinestones around her breasts. There was a back strap that ran around her waist. She smoothed her hands over her torso, getting her feel for the dress, "I think I'll buy this for the Senior prom". I nodded agreeing with her, the dress was not prom like it was more flowy and loose. "Maybe he's a girl trapped in boys body" she entered the dressing room to change out of the dress.


Davier walked beside me in the hallway on Monday. A boy passed a girl through the small gap between us and shoved me into Davier. The light went black and I couldnt see anything except Davier and a tall muscular boy. "You are an freaking queer" the boy yelled slamming Davier into the locker, "I will never be like you, you're a freak"! The lights came back and the hall went back to normal, everyone except Davier. He was looking at me horrified, "Why did you bump into me"? I was so confused by what happened, "I got shoved". "What you saw was nothing except a daydream" he ran off and out of sight, firing up my curiosity.

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