Spirit X Reader Lemon

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Requested By; Maniatic_Smile!! Thanks for requesting.!!

BTW; Reader is gonna be adult in this one bc that's just weird .____. But with Stein, not really even though its not a bigggg difference x)


"See you tomorrow class." You waved everyone as the students flooded out of your class room.

You were one of the teachers at the DWMA. You loved getting to know the rest of the teachers and also talking to the kids. One of your favorite students was Maka Albarn. You had a hint that her father had gain a slight feeling for you, but Maka told you that he does that with all attractive women. You really didn't care, but deep inside you really wanted to talk to him, but in all, you didn't want Maka to only feel that you were using her to get to her father.

Just as you were grading papers, Maka and her dad stepped Inside your classroom. That was weird for them.. Well because Maka doesn't really, cooperate with him. It was definitely weird because Maka had a huge smile on her face and was pulling him towards you.

"Go on Papa."

"Maka. Pls Nuu. T-T. You askkk." Spirit Cried. Maka sighed and then rolled her eyes at him.

"My papa wants to know if you would go on a date with him. So, will you?" She smiled at you and you smiled back.

"Of course I'll go on a date with your dad." You said.

"Only if you don't mind." You continued.

"Of course I don't. Especially when my dad is actually gonna stick to one lady." (PSSTTTT YEAH RIGHT XD)

You were shocked. Did he really say he was gonna stick to you.? (Nah CX)

"Awwh, Okay Maka." You said going back over to the desk.

- Le Time Skip (Getting Ready for date){ AANNND THE D}

You looked in the mirror at yourself one last time. You wore (Insert Outfit Here). You heard your doorbell ring, so you grabbed your phone and purse, running down the stairs, chewing a minty peice of gum. You open the door, to see a well dressed Spirit.

"Wow. (Y/n) you look beautiful." Spirit says, lightly grabbing your hand and leading you to his car.

- Le Lil time Skip (Date)

You and spirit were at (Insert Favorite Restaurant) dining and drinking. You guys were just chatting about some things and listened to the fate music in the background.

"(Y/n)... I never.. Felt this way about any other woman before.. Besides you and my ex-wife.. I honestly can say, I love you." He admitted. You were flattered.

"Well, I'm glad you feel that way." You told him, leaning over a little to kiss him. He was shocked when you did, but kissed back.

"HEY HEY! KISS ON YOUR OWN TIME." Someone yelled from a booth. You two broke off and laughed.

"We should go. I'll drop you off." Spirit insisted. (UH DUH.) You nodded and got up leaving a tip while Spirit paid.

- Le Lil Time Skip (Your Place)

"So I'll see you tomorro-" Before Spirit could finish you kissed him passionately. You felt his hands go to your waist. (OH BOY READER-CHAN. DONT DO IT IN THD CAR IF YOUR HOUSE IS RIGHT THERE.)

You have been.... Sexually frustrated for a while. You moaned a little, as he forced his tongue in your mouth alreading winning dominance. You two broke away. (I'LL SPREAD MY WINGS AND I'LL LEARN HOW TO FLY~~~)

(I know I'm ruining all the sweet moments CX)

"S-Spirit.. I want.. You" You sighed.

He smirked and quickly got out the car, grabbing you, and going up to the porch, locking his doors, and you unlocking yours. He raced upstairs, laying you in your bed. He began kissing you again, grabbing your breasts and caressing them in the process which made you moan. He went to your jaw line, to your neck leaving live bites while searching for your sweet spot.

Once he found it, which he did when you began moanining, he began to suck, lick, and bite at that spot, while sliping down your dress until it was fully off and thrown into a corner that is now forgotten about. He departed all your clothes and you pouted, then taking full control now, flipping him over and you straddling his hips.

"It's not fun when you're the only one naked~" You purred in his ear.

You grabbed his shirt and tugged down the buttons, popping them off in the process, shoeing his toned body. You also rid of his pants, and his boxers making him turn red. His member was hard and big. You lowly slid down on his member, making him throw his head back and groaning, while you let out a long moan.

"D-Dont tease me like that." He gripped your hips and slammed you down letting you screech. You started to bounce on him, moving faster with the help of his hands.

"A-Ahh!! Spirit!!" You moaned loud, riding him as hard as you can.

"F-Fuck.. (Y/n)..!" He flipped the position between you and him, with him between your legs and you on your back, as he statted to thrust while hitting your g-spot, making you see stars. You gripped his back, reaching your high.

"S-Spirit!! I'm gonna C-Cum! A-Ahhh~!!" You moaned before you reached your climax.

He put you on all fours, still thrusting, leaving him groaning and you still moaning. He finally came also and you two caught your breath on the bed.

"Spirit..." You whispered, going under the covers.


"I love you too." You smiled and drifted to sleep."


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