So August left at like 7. It's like 8 Morgan's curfew is at 8:30 so she should be on her way. I sat in her room and waited for her. 20 minutes later Morgan came home and came in her room. " Hey sis why you in my room" Morgan asked. " Look Morgan I need to talk to you it's kind of important" I said. "Okay what's going on " Morgan said. " Well August wants us to move in together and I want to talk to you about it because if we do then I want to know how you fell about it " I said. " Well sis I think it's a great idea I mean you and August love each other and I am so excited to the new change but I don't want to move out of this house" Morgan said. "Me either well how about August move in here with us" I said. "That would be perfect" Morgan said happy.  " Ok I will talk to August about it" I said walking out Morgan's room. I went to my room and i decided to text august in the morning.

Authors Note: I will be posting there text and stuff in the next chapters. thanks for reading. Find out what happens next when CRAZY IN LOVE returns. bye.

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