Chapter 1

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It was time for my coming out ball. My three younger brothers where already having fun. But the one person I wonted to see was off some where doing who knows what.

I missed Rylan dearly. His stormy blue eyes always haunted my dreams. The last four years without my dark haired, dimpled smile, lanky best friend had been the worst.

I had always hoped that he would come back for me but everyday that passes my heart brakes a little more. I don't even feel it anymore.

Right now was my time to shine and I did not like it. Everyone wonted to speak to me or to dance with me. As I walk around the room I look at my reflection in the window. My blond wig was shaped just right on top of my head. My green eyes stood out because the blond. And dress was hugging every part it was suppose to. A little to well if you asked me I would say it was to tight. It made my bust look bigger then it was. This was not me.

I noticed that Rylan's family was here as well even though they did not have a son that could presue me.

As I make my way to the door I glance around and see no one is looking my way. I snuck up to my room and changed into a pair of breaches and a loose cotton shirt that I hope does not show my bust to much. I pull my wig back since I can't take it off but when I sleep. I grab my pirate hat and place it on my head. No hopefully everyone will believe I am a man.

I lock the door then fling the window open so I can get out. As I land on the ground I start running to the stables. I jump on my white Stalin and gallop off toward town.


When I arived at the docks I'm suprised what I see.

I jump off my horse and and tie him up. It's always the same every night. I would come and stand at the end of the dock and waited and wished with everything I had that Rylan would come back.

But tonight I did not have to wish. Rylan's ship was just docking. As I watch all the men a bord bustling about an a idea pops into my head.

I pull my hat down and start walking to the boat. When I go abord I try my hardest to walk like a man but I can feel all the eyes of the crew on my back as I make my way to the captain's office.

As I open the door I see a man that is no longer my Rylan. He had filled out and had some stubble on his hard jaw line. He had changed and I wonder what I would look like to him.

"So what I'm not even good enough to hear from you in the last four years." I lean on the door frame and smerk.

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