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Hey. I'm Claire Ostrander!😘 Yes I'm the one who was thirteen on vine (not anymore lol) and yes I am Cameron Dallas' girlfriend. We have been so happy together and I am so thankful for him.💕 He treats me so well and makes me so happy!☺️ Today is my 17th Birthday- call me young.😂 Haha, Cameron (who is now 24) went out to buy me something. He asked me out on my birthday (I know, he's sweet like that!) so my birthday and our anniversary share the same special day!🙊

Cameron promised me that if he ever were to marry me, we'd be married on the day of "our" day. "Our" day is the day we got together and the day of my birthday. I cried after that thinking I've found my Mr. Right.😊

After Cameron went to get me something for my birthday and my anniversary, I didn't want to stay at our house alone or he'd convince of me cheating. So I went to the mall and met up with one guy I have been talking to for a while.😘 We sat in the cafeteria, telling eachother on why we met on the Internet and why we should thank eachother for being alive. I guess we flirted on the Internet and here..but don't say I'm cheating because I'm not. He leaned in for a kiss on the cheek when I got up and I went to kiss him on the cheek.. and that's when something happened. He and I kissed...🙊 It wasn't like a "slight kiss" or "smooch"- like it was a session.😂 What can I say- he kissed good.. Like real good. We kissed for about 1 minute or two, nothing that long- but long enough for Cameron to catch us..😥

I freaked out..Cameron dropped the roses and a ring carrier on the phone with Starbucks for me and started to freak out.. "Claire! What the hell? I loved you, I thought you loved me! Don't talk to me anymore!" Cameron screamed in fright. "No! I can .. I can explain!" I said, knowing I could not have done that to Cameron. Cameron broke down on the floor, crying. I cried even worse. Knowing I ruined his dreams, cheating on him on "our" day- was just too much. I ran outside quickly, trying to get some air. The guy came after me. I was too embarrassed to even look at him, I just ran and ran until I couldn't. How could I break Cameron like that? He loved me. 😢 I felt so guilty.

How? How could Claire do this? To me.. to herself, to us?😪 I loved her with all my heart and nor would I ever hurt her the way she just hurt me. I know something was wrong. We have dated for 2 years now. I know Claire Noelle Ostrander and I know this was not her. I knew she didn't do this, so I was about to kill a guy fast. Not for taking my girl, but making her cry. I ran up and punched him in his jaw. Until I realized seconds later, it was my best friend, Jack Gilinsky.

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