Chapter two

I ran after him of course he beat me to the 3 story beige beach house that could fit about 100 people in in comfortablely.We walked in to the smell of bacon and the sound of it sizzling on the stove.

"Morning Mom"Josh said grabbing a piece of bacon.

"Morning Mrs.Spencer"I said following Josh down to the basement.

"I told you this a million times Kayla just call me Tiffany"she said smiling

"Good morning Ms.Tiffany"I chuckled

"Good morning Ms.Kayla" she chuckled back.

Me and Josh walked downstairs and I sat on the couch taking one of Josh's pieces of bacon.He most have snuck and got more because I only saw him grab one and now 5 prices sat on a napkin.

Josh went to the Cage to find a movie.The Cage is where the Spencer's keep all outdoor balls,boating equipment,extra swimming suits,board games,video games,and any movie or CD you could think of.The basement is a full movie theater/gaming room they had all walls taken down and just spread outside .The whole back wall was a projection screen and bean bags,sofas,and theater chairs were around the room with foozball,air hockey,and in the corner they built a little loft that me and Josh spent most of our time when we were little playing and we would camp out up there and watch movies from there, it had the perfect view of the screen.

I was remembering Josh kissing me for the first time up there when I was 5.But I was snapped back into reality when Josh called my name.

"Yeah?" I said stuffing the rest of the bacon in my mouth and getting up to go in the cage with him.

"I said what do you want to watch?I was thinking The Avengers" he said holding the super hero movie up.

"Um no I just watched that at Logan's house her brother Luke made us watch it."

Logan was a girl I met at my summer job, we hung out a lot when we didn't have to work and we were building a great friendship until she started drinking and doing drugs then asked me if I wanted to try, I said no and she got pissed and said she never wanted to talk to me again.

I took the movie out Josh's hand and put it back on the alphabetical organized shelf and searched for something I haven't seen in a while.

"Who's Luke?" He asked sounding a little annoyed.

I turned to face him seeing that his eyebrows pinched up in the middle of his face.He was jealous.I smiled and decided to mess with him a bit.

"Luke's just a friend, he's been you replacement since you decided to go to college and leave me behind." I said even though me and him know that no one can ever replace him.

"Ok in my defense I had to go to college, my parents made me and-"he sniffed me. I gave him a weird look and stepped back laughing

"What are you doing-"he picked me up over his shoulder.

"Heyyy put me down!"

I screamed hitting his back laughing.He sat me down on the couch and bent to his knees in front of me.
"I'll give you a 10 second head start" is all he said smirking.My eyes widened , normally when he said something like that I had done something, so that means he was going to chase me and when he caught me he would tickle me. One time he even tickled me until I peed.

I jumped up as he started counting and ran as fast as I could up stairs.Where Mrs.Spencer was still cooking breakfast.She saw me and laughed.

"Is he counting?" she asked

I shook my head and then heard him shout from downstairs 10.

"Here hide in here"she said gesturing me into the pantry that was bigger than my walk in closet at my old house.

She shut the door behind me right when Josh came sprinting up the stairs.

"Hey honey" she said to Josh.

"Where is she?" He said his voice getting farther away from the kitchen

"I don't know honey check her room"she shouted to him.

There was absolutely no light in the pantry so I couldn't see a thing. I heard footsteps running upstairs. Josh running back and forth opening doors and calling my name. I heard him come downstairs then the footsteps stopped. I backed away from the door and accidentally bumped into a box full of chips and fell. I hoped he didn't just hear that so I just stayed really still ,listening. The footsteps got closer than farther away.

The door opened really fast and I screamed.Josh came in laughing and scolding me for taking his piece of bacon.I couldn't stop laughing.

"OMG stop I'm gonna pee!" I shouted laughing harder.
He pinned my hands above me head with one arm and looked into my eyes.His eyes look perfect in just the light that's coming in threw the kitchen and that was the only light because he didn't even turn on the pantry light when he found me.I stopped laughing as I got lost in his eyes.

"Why did you take my bacon,you know I hate when people take my food"he said with a slight smile

"I was hungry and besides you love it when I take your food"I laughed

"Yea you're normally the only exception but not for bacon ,it's my favorite." He licked up my face

"Eww eww ok ok I'm sorry it won't happen again" I laughed

"Good" he winked at me and helped me up.I guess his tickle tackle went on longer than I thought because breakfast was done and the rest of the Spencer family began to walk sleepily down the stairs all in PJs.

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