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"WHAT!?" me and Mia yelled at the same time. Kaitlin jumped alittle "nothing jeez chill I'm just hungry" she said "bruh" I said. "why do you guys need him? " Kaitlin asked "because he needs to give us something " mia said.  Ya his blood so that wasn't a complete lie.  "oh"kaitlin said. Later Kaitlin left but we asked her to watch kai tomorrow she agreed and we told her the rules then we went to sleep knowing we have a big day tomorrow.

Me and Mia woke up around five am we had to get ready. We put on our stuff and waited for Kaitlin. Finally she got here we woke up Kai said bye and took her right back to sleep.

Then we were off.

We made it to his hideout and hid the car.  We soon made it into the house.  He needs to work on his security. "see anything yet?"  I asked "not at all" mia answered. That's how we knew that they knew we were in the house. 

I heard whispering and a gun shot. 

It was blood everywhere. He had a lot of men. me and Mia killed just about the majority of them "shit" I muttered I got shot in the shoulder "you good? "mia asked "yeah" I said.

Eventually it was down to two. Dang they fine. Anyways we still continued to shoot them. Then they died I turned around and it was a click and something against my head I knew it was a gun "move if you dare" the person said in my ear "oh look it's steven I never knew you would stay you always vanish. " mia said I chuckled. Then I elbowed him and stood by mia"well  trust me.  I'm staying  this time " he said then nodded then it was gas everywhere me and Mia started to run out but then it was people everywhere where in gas gas masked.

Me and Mia had to stop.

I woke up in a bright white room. It was a large guy in front of me.  "why tf is this room so bright? " I yelled at him. He kneeled down to my sitting position and said "so your blood can be seen easier " " oh okay" I said back. I'm not fucking scared I'm kelsie McKenzie Jefferson Im not scared of anything. He smirked then punched me a couple times "you're weak as hell. Your lucky my hands are tied or I swear I would kill you in a heartbeat" I told him "oh and then what would you do little girl" he said "first of all I'm not little second of all i just said kill you what Part did you not get?" I asked him he smiled and stabbed me in my arm " well boss she's all yours" then Steven came in "ew" I said "then he smacked me then I noticed a whip in his hand with blood "you know you and your little friend have a smart mouth" he said while wiping some blood of the whip "ya I know.its my mouth after all" he smiled and hit me like 30 times."well maybe after this beating you will learn your friend didn't so I had to teach her another lesson hopefully you won't die the same but then again I love torturing you guys so keep it up" he said then he raised the whip about to hit me when I heard the gunshot.  It was mia she ran towards him got his whip and whipped him so hard blood was everywhere. A saw a tear in her eye but it's like it was scared to flow down her cheek. She stopped and looked at me "oh mia" I said she looked terrible man. a cut on her collar bone and a some bruises and ripped clothes. She came to me are you okay? "she asked me "I'm fine my arm and face hurt but I'm fine " I told her.  We carried each other out and got in the car Mia got in the back and laid on her side. Didn't put her seatbelt on or nothing.

Then I remembered the whip.

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