chapter 21

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Rayna POV

I'm back bitches! I just found out that I'm getting out on July 15 which is in 3 days and I can't wait to get home to Henderson. We decided that he wasn't going to visit Me while I was locked up, but his letters stopped coming in May. Believe it or not I actually miss my kids. I guess I could call Jamie and see if he will let me see them. I know the house number is the same.... Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring..... "hello? "

"???? Hello where is Jamie?"
"Who, may I ask, is this? My soon to be husband is upstairs with the rebels getting ready."

"This is Rayna. I was trying to see if he would allow me to see my kids when I get out. I miss them."
"I can answer that. The answer is no. You gave up the right to see or talk to them when you signed away your parental rights. Now please don't call my home again." Dialtone.....

Really?!?!!!?! Whoever that is gone have to see me.

*Wedding day

"Rissa I swear I feel like someone is gone pies me off today. My eye keeps jumping and I swear that every since that tramp Rayna called my blood has been boiling. I'm strapped and I know you and Karson are as well. Jamie has his gun that matches mine as well. Where is Braylee at? "
"She's behind you playing with her hair. And yes we are all strapped thanks to the bride's request. Lol. You know you crazy for that don't you.?"
Its time to start.

*Skip to the reception

"Ok ma, so once we make it to Jamaica, you and the kids are in the condo across the street from us. Okay? "

"Yeah that's fine."
Ding Dong ding dong
"What the hell do you want?"
"I came to see my kids. Why are you here? "
"Not that it's your business, but I live here, with my husband and OUR kids, you know, the ones you didn't want. Now get off my property!"
What the hell is going on? Rayna?!
"What the hell you want Rayna? And I know you didn't just slap my wife."
"I came to see my kids and yeah I hit yo tramp. And what? Where my kid's at? "
"Bitch you don't have kids. We have kids. Now get off my property before I let baby girl wipe the floor with you."
"No bay I'm still gone wipe the floor with this hoe, and then I'm bodying tha bitch. Take the kids to Karson and tell Rissa meet me at the hideaway."

And with that I drug Rayna out the house to my Denali truck.

"I felt sorry for you at one point in time, but that ship has sailed. Henderson is getting the chair on Monday and you. After I beat that ass, I'm going to give Rissa a late birthday present and let her body yo ass. It would have been better on her birthday, but seeing as that is both her and Karter's birthday and you were still locked up you got lucky. But your luck ran out when you crossed my property line.

Rissa POV

"Baby, I'll be back. I need to go help Chry with something. Can you go pick our bags up and take JD and the kids with you?"
"Okay babe. Give me a kiss."

Time to badly this bitch.

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