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( So ima change this sequel up a little bit. Just to be clear nothing is going on between Ashlee and Myles.... but ima change things up)

~Ashlee pov~
I woke up the next morning to hayes looking at my phone.
"Morning baby" I said sitting up
"Morning ash What is this tho" he said showing my phone with some text on it from a contact name dallas.
"Cutie wake up"
"Ashlee bae"
"Wake up ash"
"Ashlee booboo"

"It's just cameron we have to go do a sense today and going be late" I said looking at the time.
"Yeah cameron" hayes said rudely
I went to take a quick shower then I got dress and grab my phone.
"Bye hayes" I said and tried to kiss him but he turned and I kiss his cheek instead.
"Really, Hayes your gonna be like that" I said. He just sat there on his phone. "Ugh bye Hayes" I said and walked out.
I got to the studio were we where do the scenes. I walked up to cameron and hit his arm.
"Why were you texting me like that calling me cute and whatever" I said
"Sorry I won't do it again" he said looking at me smirking.

"Hayes saw them and he got mad and now he won't talk to me and ugh..." I said and looked down.
"You really love him huh?" cameron looked at me.
"Yes why"
"Idk I just have some feel......"he stopped
"Cameron I thought you were over me" I said looking at him
"I know I know.... I need to stop he said looking at me come we have to do the kissing sence" he said
"Ugh I forgot about that" I walked over to get my make up done then it was time to start.


"Babe please just let me help you
I love you I do I just need time to get over this" (Kylie said Ashlee character)
"Can I have one last kiss" josh said (Cameron's character)
This was it I had to kiss cameron first time in almost 4 years. He leaned in and kissed me.
He pulled away and looked at me. I looked at him it made my stomach turn.
"Okay thats a warp for today good work see ya tomorrow" the director yelled.

I grabbed my bad and walked out
"Did you feel that too" cameron said walking out
"Feel what?" I said turning around.
"The spark, did your stomach turn" he asked
"No.....I mean....ugh I don't know" I said and walked off. I got in my car and put my head on the wheel. I pick up my head and stated to drive home.
"Beth come here please" I yelled sitting on the couch. She came down and came and sat down next me.
"Ashlee what boy is it" she said
"What?" I said
"The guy that is messing with your feelings" she said
"Well since you asked, let me just come out and say it what I need to say get everything off my chest" I said looking at her.

A/n hahaha cliff hanger lol so how are you liking the sequel??? Again ima change things up!! I'm started to write again cuz I have time now that I don't have that much homework anywho comment, vote love you guys!!!!😘😘😘

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