Luke P.O.V.

"What are you guys doing here?" Me and Michael both stare at him like its going to make a difference. "Well we have a little friend who u supposedly beat up," Michael said in a 'duh/sarcasm' voice but i bit my lips so i wouldn't laugh, cause it was funny as hell.

"What do you mean?" Calum asks with confusion in his voice, but there was that hint of like he knew what he did he just won't admit it. "Bullshit Calum! You know exactly what you did!" i scream at him. Michael doesn't seem phased by it Calum winces at the sudden outburst. Calum laughs, "You really think i beat someone up!? Really are you that dumb? It wasn't me, but ya i was there but i didn't beat anybody up." He chickleing like this is some sort of joke.

"Calum you think this is some sort of joke!?" Well Michael just read my thoughts. Calum scoffs "My friend got hit by a car or bus i can't remember which one, but i think the wimp deserved it!" Calum says raising his voice. Just then his mom pulls in and gets out of the car i get an idea and purposely yell out "Calum but why would you beat somebody up!?" His mom stops in her tracks and looks up at us.

"CALUM THOMAS HOOD GET IN THE HOUSE!!!" His mother screams at Calum, he quickly gets inside.

His mom walk up to us and says in a very nice voice. "Boys if you think you please leave i need to talk to Calum." We nod, she smiles at us. Me and Michael walk down his steps on his porch and start the journey back to Michael's house


Once we start walking up Michael's driveway we see that his mom's boss is still here which means Ashton is still here. Thank god! We quickly make our way into the house and up the stairs and Michael's mom shouts "Ashton is waiting and were have you been!?" We didn't answer.

When we walked into Michael's room we found Ashton on the floor sleeping. I quickly hurry over to him and feel his pulse. Few as i pretend to wipe sweat from my forehead, his pulse is still strong i thought something might have happened to him. He suddenly starts whimpering in his sleep like its a nightmare.

I try to shake him awake but he doesn't budge. I keep shaking him he still doesn't do anything. Either hes a deep sleeper or there is something wrong. I roll up the sleeves on his jacket cause must have put it back on. I see fresh cuts on his wrist i look up at Michael in terror, his eyes widen Michael quickly runs into the bathroom and brings out a blade covered in blood.

I keep shaking "Ashton wake up! Ashton!" i say "Ashton! Ashton!" I must have shaken him a bit too harsh cause he bolts in surprise and starts breathing heavily like he just ran a marathon.

I quickly pull him in a hug.

Ashton P.O.V.(The italics aren't working sorry so in his dream will start with * and with *)

After Luke and Michael left i wondered why they would just apologize to me like that and why they cared? But maybe cause its there friend that beat me up and his friends. I get up looking around the room.

I see photos of Luke, Michael, and Calum all making funny faces in one picture. Then in the other ones there always smiling or doing something crazy, which made me smile.

But then when i saw Calum and Luke kissing and Michael standing there looking at them. I get the feeling. The feeling to cut again. I try scratching my arms not working. I see Michael's bathroom.

I go into the bathroom trying to find a razor blade and see something shining in the drawer and grab it, it was a blade i didn't hesitate to drag the blade across my wrist.

Relief, worries, everything gone. I cut my wrist only twice cause i didn't want to pass out but you never know. I quickly wash my hands and wrist not wanting them to know. I winced slightly at the pain. After i was done washing my hands and wrist, i quickly grab my hoodie and out it one. Cause i don't want them worrying about me. I didn't feel anything for a moment and feel to the ground and everything blacked out.

(dream starts here) * Me and Luke were sitting at the lunch table along with Michael, Calum and some girls. I was talking to Luke about something but i couldn't really remember what though.

Suddenly Luke grabs me and brings me to the hall and into the boys bathroom. He smashes his lips against mine i enjoy the feeling but there is something not right when me pulls away he brings something shiny out behind his back.

A knife

I try to get away but he grabs my hair and pulls me to the bathroom floor. I cry out in pain. He leans down "Do you want to live then i suggest you get in the biggest stall and get naked." He says with a smirk that only a devil could have. I realize hes going to rape me. I quickly get in the stall.

I quickly take of my top and and jeans i was just standing there in my boxers not doing anything.

"Ashton i think you have another layer of clothing on i really want to take off." He comes over to me and pushes me up against the wall. He presses himself up against me and starts grinding on me which makes me uncomfortable.

I punch him in the stomach and he quickly turns and get my shoulder with the knife. I cry out in pain and fall to the floor, ""Ashton! Ashton!" somebody says "Ashton! Ashton!" I realize i'm getting shaken. * (end of dream)

I bolt up not expecting that I see Luke and Michael standing there in shock Michael has the bloody blade on his hand and Luke pulls me in a hug.


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