Chapter 9

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Seto's POV

Max's warning still gave me uneasiness. I stood up and quickly walked to the library. But i met Tyler on the way.

"Whoa Seto you're awake!" He said.

"Yeah i am. So what happened while i was gone?"

"Nothing much. Vienne caught a thief, that's all" Wait what she caught a thief?!

"May i see the thief?" I asked.
He nodded.

I followed him down to the underground prison. It started to go a bit dark so i sparked a little light ball in my hand.

After 20 minutes of walking we finally arrived at her cell. I saw a brown haired girl chained to the wall sitting on the ground. She was hugging her knees and her hair was covering her face.

"Can i get in?" I asked Tyler.
He nodded. I took my keys to open the metal door. The girl looked at me with eyes that looked she cried the whole night.

"What's your name?" I asked the girl.


"What did you steal?"

"A-a necklace and some food..."

"Are you a rogue?"


"Have any partners?"

"...miju..." She whispered.


"Miju...My partner..."

"Okay." With that i left the cell.

"Let's go?" Tyler asked.

"Yea." And then we went up.


Miju's POV

"GODDAMMIT!" I shouted in the alley where no one can here me.

"That stupid girl took Skye!" I was talking to myself.

"I'm gonna get her. I'm gonna get Skye back. And i don't care if i kill people. As long as i get Skye."

I took my knife.

"She'll regret she took Skye."

I left the alley. On my way to the castle. I saw her going to that direction.

I continued walking through the quiet streets of Star city. Little did i know that someone was on the roof.

Suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.

"AAAaaaAAH" Someone shot an arrow on my shoulder. Another arrow shot my left leg. I couldn't stand. I fell to the floor.

When i looked up i saw the familiar brown furred bacca in a suit. Jerome...

"J-jerome...What are you?..." Jerome held a diamond axe above my head. Ready to chop it off. I closed my eyes, thinking of how i will die like this.

"I'm sorry Skye...I'm very sorry...But you're on your own now.."

There was a few dreadful seconds. Those seconds were killing me. I opened my eyes and saw the axe on the floor.

"Calm down!" Someone said.

I turned my head to the left. I saw Jerome knocked out in someone's arms. A boy in a checkered hoodie. That light brown hair. It's Mitch.

He reached out a hand and i gladly took it. But the moment i stand i almost fell.

"Are you okay girl?" He asked. I nodded.

He looked at me with a dirty look. He took my arm and put it around his neck and wrapped his other arm around my waist. With his right arm he dragged Jerome.

"Please don't pretend like you're okay. You need help."

We walked towards the hospital. When we went in i saw that same blonde girl from the market.

"Oh my god Mitch where were you?" She asked.

"Don't worry Dawn i will be fine. This girl isn't and i have Jerome." He said.

"Well you aren't fully healed. Just be thankful you're okay. Hand me the girl and i'll take her to a room. You take Jerome to room 206 and go to your room. I will check you."


Mitch handed me to Dawn. Dawn leaded me through dozens of hallways you can't even count. Finally we arrived in a empty hospital room. Dawn opened the door and put me in the bed.

"Just stay here and rest. A doctor will come." She smiled at me.
I smiled back. But i still need Skye back.

"Dawn?" A girl asked. She stepped on the doorway. It's the same girl who took Skye.

"Oh hey Vienne mind calling the doctor fo-" I cut her off.

"YOU! YOU TOOK SKYE!" I screamed. I jumped off the bed despite the pain in my leg. I practically limped passed Dawn and jumped onto that girl.

"HEY!" Dawn shouted. She tried to pull me off.

"GIVE ME SKYE BACK." I stayed put.

But suddenly something hard hit my head. Making me fall into unconsciousness...

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