"Hayley, are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to." Cameron asks me for the ten thousandth time. I resist the urge to roll my eyes...again. I cock the gun into place, my hands not shaking a bit.

"Yes, and if I have to say that one more time." I growl slightly. Shawn walks to me, wearing all black also. He has a similar gun in his hand.

"They're in that room." Nash says, wearing a black suit. I nod, walking into the room, Shawn right behind me. I see the shaking figures and I feel my blood boil. They killed Jasmine, Jack, and Jack. One thing they cannot get away with.

"Want any last words." I say, examining my gun. I rip the bags off of the heads of the people. I notice one as the person who killed Jasmine. I feel the air get knocked out of my chest, but I try not to show it. Her death has always been a touchy subject, but I still felt anger burning through me.

"Isn't it the little bitch? She finally decides to show her face!" The man snarls. "You think it ended when you guys escaped huh? Or after we killed the sexy brunette, and the two Jacks? Well it's not. They'll find you, and when they do," He laughs. I feel myself go weak in the knees, but I keep a hard expression on my face. "You guys are dead."

I don't hesitate to put the barrel of the gun to the mans head and pull the trigger.


Hi guys! After what seems like a long break, I have a small update woo. I'm going to try to update every two weeks or so. The chapters in this will be longer, and more detailed then they were in the last story. Also, hopefully this one will be better then the last one, cause let's all be honest, the last one sucked. 

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