Chapter 13 - Seventh Letter

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Chapter 13 | LTC



Holy shmaw! I can't believe you replied! When my brother keeps calling me up while I'm sleeping at nine o'clock in the morning telling me that Mom has something to tell me, I made a promised I'll punch him for waking me up, I mean I sleep almost two o'clock in the morning because I play GTA 5 and Call of duty with my younger bro! Even though he called me slave and told me to baked him cookies. Such a bossy! I didn't even know if who's older, me or him! He act like one! Wait, I should be celebrating, YAY!! YAY!! I said I'd laugh out loud when you reply and I can't believe you replied. Ha! In my face! And calm your face, you're not that handsome! That's why I like you, cause your ugly! Heh! I'm happy thanks to you! Keep replying! It'll make you even more hot! And no can do dude, I can't tell you my name, because you're gonna die if I tell you. Just kidding.


See ya'.

- x

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