Chapter One

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"You're not annoying at all" Michael said to me as I cracked my knuckles,
"Will you shut up, what if it doesn't go the colour I want it to?"
"You picked it, if it goes wrong then it's your fault"
"And how is that even possible, I didn't make the dye"
"Oh, fuck off Pip"
It's now half 3 in the morning and I still have this hair dye on. I didn't even want to buy it, but since Michael was so bored and we both had nothing else better to do he insisted on taking me to buy a hair dye because he hated the colour of my hair. I mean, I can see where he's coming from, it is a little dull, brown hair.
"Can I take it off now?" I asked Michael for the 10th time in the last 10 minuets.
"Yes, Jesus Christ you're annoying"
I walked over to the shower and leaned over and started to wash the bright dye out of my hair. Once it was all out I took a look in the mirror. You have got to be fucking kidding me. I started picking at different strands of hair and looking at them through the mirror. My once dull brown hair, was now bright purple.
I heard a knock on the bathroom door,
"Can I come in and see?" I heard Michael whisper,
"Yeah, 2 seconds" I quickly towel dried my hair and unlocked the bathroom door.
" It looks fucking awesome!" Michael practically yelled at me, he started holding strands of my purple hair and twirling them, like he was making sure it was real.

Sorry if this sucks balls it's my first time at this.
-Megan x

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