i'm not in the band???

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Tay's POV

I get a text from mike, I read it and it

mike: hey um practice is today at
noon, and there's a possibility we
might also get signed to a record label soon.....

I text him back

me: thanks for the reminder (:

wow already I just joined the band like not even for 3 days and were gonna practice JESUS christ this is amazing everything is happing so fast, next thing were going to be touring and such, JESUS my mind is just spinning
of could be's and would be's, I hop in the shower just to kill time, after I got out and changed I check the time 11:00 am... hmm an hour til practice I grab a an apple from the fruit bowl and munch on it, I turn on the television and flip through the channels I see adventure time on and I watch it, after an episode or two it was 11:49 I grab my car keys and head over to mike's place, I knock on the door and I'm greeted by Uhhh Cameron? I say "hey uhh Cameron? He says "wow you actually remembered my name?" I chuckle and he lets me inside I walk to the basement and rob is just doing wrist excises and mike is tuning his bass, I clear my throat to let them know I'm here and they say "hey tay glad to know you came, now we're waiting for Jordan and then we could start" not even a minuet passes and we hear a knock followed by a door bell ring and Cameron says "ooo I'll go get that" he goes up and come back down with Jordan and his girlfriend? I give them and smile and his partner gives me a glare ooooo what's got her panties in a twist? I can sense she doesn't like me, to make this less awkward I say "SOOO let's begin?" mike says "so Jordan you bought your girlfriend to watch?" he says "umm what? I thought you said we both are in?" He says "yea about that we already got the singer, its tay" Jordan looked at him and said "you could have atleast told me that I'm THE only one who got in?" Mike says "sorry man I thought I hinted that when I said YOU'RE in, not both" Jessica says "no that's fine, I understand" Jordan says "but baby if you can't be in then I won't be" she says "no jor I knew you wanted to be in a band for so long you can't let this opportunity go to waste can you?" Jordan says "well it's not the Sam--" she cuts him off and says "I'll be fine just go" he gives her an apologetic smile and she smiles back, mike says "now that, that's settled let's practice?" I raise my index finger and say "uh can I try something out" rob says "yes tay go ahead" I say "well I wanted... I kinda wrote this one song but I haven't finished it, I titled it "on my way" they say in unison "oh cool let us hear it", I grab the microphone and the guitar I strum the first chords and sing

"So we stand here with our lives packed up in boxes.
Wonder how did we get here?
And something I said got back to this dirty apartment.
Wonder how did we get here?
Did something change your mind?
Cause I can't look you in the eye.
I'm gonna break tonight.

I've gotta be on my way.
Cause everything's gonna change.
And you never thought I'd say that you wouldn't know me anyway.

I strummed the last part and said "well that's all I got so far" they clapped Jordan said "that's really good, I'll try to see if I can come up with the second verse?" I could feel my cheeks flush red and I said "yea sure man" after that we all talked and practiced covers and such after that mike said "well guys that's a wrap, next practice, is next week on Tuesday and Thursday so don't make any plans, haha not that you have any" we all sarcastically laughed and said "haha very funny mike" he said "what I thought it was pretty funny" I went to my car and I saw Jordan and uh... I forgot her name.... I came over to their car and said "hey" Jordan smiled and said "hey tay" he just looked so indescribable and then I saw his girlfriend she gave me a glare ... I really think she doesn't like me ... I looked at her and smiled and she said "hey Taylor I assume that's tay for short?" I said "yea that's right" she said "nice to meet you Taylor" I really don't like when people call me Taylor it makes it sound like I'm in trouble ... I say "nice to meet you too ... Uhhh " she says "Jessica it's Jessica" I say oh "well nice to meet you Jessica" now I'm for sure she doesn't like me .. Well geez what did I ever do to her ? She says "jor we have to go now" Jordan says "uh well tay I'll see you next week and I'll make sure I have the second verse done" I say "yea no problem" he opens the passenger side for Jessica and then opens his door I turn around to my car and before i open the door I hear my name I see Jordan come up and say "hey I forgot to give you my number so we can keep in touch" I say "oh yea" he hands me his phone and I hand him mines, he gives it back and then says "well text you later" I say "yea" he runs to his car and I see an annoyed Jessica she looks at me with a death glare and rolls her eyes, I give her a smile, you know what they say kill them with kindness (;


so guys I decided that I'm going to update every Wednesday and if not every Wednesday I will update Fridays but yea (: thanks for being patient and there's more coming for this fanfict I'm actually quite excited hahahah 😊😈 anyways for people who don't know "we are the in crowd" they are an amazing band and you should check them out you won't regret it (: some of this stuff is real like if you are a die hard WATIC fan you should know which stuff is real and which is SO fictional anyways thanks a lot - jackbarakitty

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