Chapter 9:

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We'll after school I go home and realize my parents aren't home so I text the group and tell them that I'm having a party.

After about 10 minutes there all here.

"Hey yall lets play t or d" I say and everyone gets in a circle and then I see Lauren join the circle. Great! Note the sarcasm. I really hope nothing bad happens.
"I go first" Uriah said and smiled evilly" ok Four t or d" he ask four.
"D" four says and I get worried cause I don't want Uriah to dare him do do anything bad.
"Ok ummm. let's see" uriah says. He looks around and looks clear Lauren and smiles evilly. I start to get nervous. " I dare you to play 7 minutes in heaven with......... Lauren" he says and my heart stops literally.
"What do I have to do if I don't want to do it" he says and I start to feel relief.
"You have to take off an article of clothing" he says and Tobias takes off his shirt and I guess I was staring cause Christina nudges me.
"Tris t or d" Tobias ask me

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