Jason slowly walked towards Zoey. gazing deeply into her eyes. Zoey pushed her mom and Lily further back so Jason couldn't get any closer to them. Jason clutched Zoey by her arm, and yanked her aggressively.

"Oh, now you wanna follow my instructions, it's too late now gorgeous,You disobeyed me, what makes you think i'm gonna trust you again?" Jason spatted raising his eyebrows.

"I swear, I mean it for real this time, I will do anything you say, just leave my family out of this." Zoey pleaded.

"Of course you do, That's what they all say. They say they will do everything, and when they get the chance, they run, but guess what? I always find them, and then.. they beg for mercy, and I murder them brutally."  Jason moved Zoey's hair from her neck. His lips pecked her ear. Zoey cringed at the feeling and chills went down her spine.

"I can't help it you're just so beautiful." Jason said intentionally causing Zoey to become uncomfortable.

"Get away from her!" Zoey's mom spat.. Jason ignored her, as if she didn't say anything at all. He continued to peck her ear, traveling down to her neck and then to her shoulder. Zoey shut her eyes, wishing she could do something about it. Her quivering breaths began to become louder.

 "You can't stop me, she will do anything and everything I tell her, if she refuses... I will kill her.. and you." 

"You are sick." Zoey's mom said with rage. Of course, Jason laughed at her words, he loved hearing people call him those names, it gave him strength and it made him feel powerful.

 Lily was covering her eyes, scared out of her mind, not having a clue what was going on, She was only six.  The only thing she knew was that Zoey was in danger, she knew danger when she seen it. Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out a rectangular white device. It was his phone. He dialed a number on the keypad and waited patiently for someone to answer.

        His jaw was clenching and unclenching, in and out.

"Aye bro, can you come down here? I need some help. alright bye." Jason hung up the phone, trailing his tongue along his bottom lip, making them glossy.

"Who was that?" Zoey asked knitting her eyebrows together.

Jason ignored her. A cold shiver ran down Zoey's spine. What is he going to do and why would he need help? Zoey thought in her head. The room was silent. No sudden movements.

A loud knocking noise, trembled off of the door. Jason twisted the door knob and opened it.

"Aye man." Jason said hugging the anonymous boy. The boy was the same height as Jason, but a lot more boulder and toned. His hair was short, shaved on the sides. The top had more hair than the bottom half it came to a point. He looked twenty or maybe a little bit older. His looks resembled Jason's as if they were brothers. His face was more thin and structured. His eyes were crystal blue with a bit of green in them when he got into the light.

"This is Justin, he is gonna watch your piece of shit family and make sure they don't escape,while I take care of business with you." Jason had no emotion in his face.

"Is that her?" Justin said pointing over to Zoey. Jason nodded. Justin walked over to Zoey. He glared into her eyes.

"She's beautiful." Justin remarked. Zoey wanted to smile, but it was the wrong time to wig out on something like that, and besides it's not like he meant it anyways. Justin turned around and walked back over to Jason.

"Here's a gun if anyone of them act up." Jason said handing Justin a pistol.

"Wait, we are leaving?" Zoey asked. Jason nodded.

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