why do they think slytherin has to be something evel?

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As I said I am a Crazy Potteread. I love J.K rowling and Harry potter. But I don't like the way she admires Gryffindor . People  follow the writers opinion. But they think not that wide to see what does the writer actually mean. 

I mean the most of people hate Slytherin and they think It has to be bad . But it is not like that... 

Slytherin includes people who want power. No I'm wrong . They don't want to be "things" to laugh at . They want to be noticable not invisible.

James Potter laughed at Severus Snape.He made him like an idiot . Snape loved . He loved Lily. He was never evel. 

After Lily's death Snape lost everything . He didn't  have to live anymore. But he was brave and he could still love. 

Anyway, after Voldemort , people thaught  Slytherin  really was about being evel.

Let's remember Draco Malfoy. He was THE Slytherin. But couldn't he love? Couldn't he be kind ? yes he could . But the fact that Slytherin had to be evel, had changed him (until he found out what has he become). Draco never ment to be evel. He wanted to be noticed next to The Chosen One Harry Potter. But he couldn't . So he had to become a death eater. He had to do this, beacouse he wanted to be noticed. 

Draco could Love . If he couldn't, then why did he try to kill dumbledore? Beacouse he loved hid family and didn't want them to die.   If he couldn't be kind, then why didn't he told bellatrix it was arry Potter when they captured him and his friends? 

OMG i went in my role . If anyone will read this, thank you. 

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