- "Two butterbeers, please!"
- "you still can rock the blue hair, don't you?"
He took a few hairs and waved it before my eyes.
"Of course I still can. I'm fabulous."
We laughed.
"Tell me. Where have you been? I went to Hoghwarts as soon as possible, but I nevver saw you again?"
° "Well. I hated the school and my parents. So we blew up the potion classroom, remember? I went studying arts and never came back until I got a letter today. On my birtday."
- "Wow so... Finally 16 aren't you?"
° "Jup. But what did you do? You almost can granduate from Hoghwarts? How's Snape been?"
- "Wow calm down with the questions, lady."
° "I'm sorry. But tell me."
- "Well, yes I'm almost done with school. Snape has been... Well Snape."
° "Well fuck. I like Snape. Even if he is my teacher. And he is only 22."
- "Are you saying you're on his side. Yuck."
I laughed. "of course not, stupid."
I gave him a little slap on his arm and giggled nervously.
We laughed and drank all afternoon.
° "I have to go. I still need to go to the shops and get some money by the goblins. See you later, at Hoghwarts probably."
- "Bye Ally."
It felt good to hear my own name again. I waved and went outside the pub. I "ticked" the code on the wall and there was it. My new future.

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