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✘Quinn Sir.✘

I laid in bed with Medie, she was quiet, facing the opposite direction of me. I sigh, "Medie." I say. "Yes Quinn?" She ask. "What I do?" I ask. "You cheated on me." I look at the ceiling, "Baby I didn't. What I gotta do to prove it?" I ask. "Nothing Quinn." She responds dryly. "Baby." I say pulling her. "Please? Pleeeaaassseee believe me? I didn't." Im telling the truth, but Ari and Tee be running the mouths cause they seen me drop a girl off. She was drunk and I ain't want her driving. Im not fucking the girl, just an act of kindness. I don't fuck with drunk diving after what happened with Bubba and Quinn. "You promise?" She says poking out her lip, "I swear across my heart." I tell her kissing her lips. She smiles, "I forgive you silly."


I woke up and headed downstairs where Kayla was in the kitchen with Medie and Quinn. I sit down at the island unnoticed. "Hey dad." Quinn says. I just wave and look for something to eat. "You alright?" Medie ask. I just nod and walk out the kitchen.


♡Kayla Robinson♡

I woke up and felt the worst pain of my life. I took a bath, put on one of Quinn's shirts, and laid down. I tried to call Quinn but the pain was getting worst. He wouldn't fucking answer me. I kept calling until I was getting directed to voicemail. Bitch. I call Medie. "Hello? Hey Kayla honey?" She questions. "Hey Medie. Um, Quinn won't answer the phone, and I was wondering if you could take me to the hospital?" She sighs, "We're out of town right now honey. Can you hold out about a hour?" I look up at the ceiling. "Yeah." I hang up and felt blood on me which scared me. I can't go through another misscarriage. I called Quinn again, he answered and hung up. OH MY GOD!

I sat another hour until I felt pressure down there. I called again, no answer.


✘Medie Jones✘

I unlocked the door to Quinn and Kayla's apartment, I walked back to their room, and Kayla was in bed crying. "You ready honey?" I ask. She nods and stands weakly. "Quinn help her." I tell him. He helped her, "You call Monster?" I ask. "He not answering me." I shake my head and get the twins carseats out their room, and the bag that was pre packed.

When we got to the doctor, we kept blowing Quinn up. But he just wasn't answering. "Where could he be!? He gone miss the babies." I say calling again. No answer. "Fuck it Medie. That boy probably ran off somewhere. Come on, Kayla ready." We walked to the back and Kayla was  crying her little eyes out. "Kayla calm down honey." I say taking her hand, she just nods wiping her eyes.

♕La'Mya "Princess" Jones♕

I walked down to Hakeem's apartment. I have my own now me and my baby Hayden. I knock. Some broad opens the door, she had on my pink robe. I laugh a little, pushing her out the way. I picked up Hayden and walked back to his room to pack the rest of his shit. Hakeem walks into the room, "So what you here for?" He ask. "Not for you. Im getting my son and his stuff. I'll leave you and your little hoe alone." I snap. I grabbed the bag and scooped Hayden off the floor. "Bye." I walk out, but not before pushing that hoe again. The fuck? Boss bitch status.


I woke up the next morning, hearing Hayden in his room talking. Babbling, whatever people call baby talk. I got dressed and then went to his room, seems he talked himself to sleep. I began washing clothes while listening to music, then I heard knocking. I go to the door seeing Quinn. He was looking kinda raggedy. "What the hell?" I ask letting him in. "You seen Kayla?" He ask. "She's at the hospital. She's been tryna call you." I tell him, "Shit!" He walks out the apartment. I go to Hayden's room. "Mommy baby up!" I pick him up, "Wanna go see baby cousins? Yes?" I washed his little face and dressed him.

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