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I looked at Hunter who was smiling at me. "what" i asked because he looked like he was up to something.

"nothing" he responded with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes knowing he was lying "whatever bruh" i said with a small laugh.

"Hey Nate" Christa called as there was a knock at the door. "Someones at the door"

I got up and found Christa already at the door and on the other side was my neighbor lady holding Bowser. "Mr. Smith i found him digging up my garden again" she said with a sneer. (she really didn't like me, or Bowser) "Better fix that hole in the fence before something happens to him"

"Sorry Mrs. Callid I'll make sure to fix it..."

"you better" she said quickly cutting me off.  She gave Christa a nasty look then walked away.

"did she just threaten you?" Christa asked as i shut the door.

"Maybe, i honestly don't know about her sometimes" i said rubbing the back of my neck. she sighed then looked at Bowser.

"He's so cute" she said petting Bowsers head. Bowser barked and sniffed her hand carefully.

"B**ch I'm not cute, I'm terrifying" i said in cydakills voice as Bowser bark once more. 

She gave a small laugh and went back into the kitchen. Hunter was sitting in a chair as we came back in "what you cooking?" he asked as Christa took a pot and placed it onto the stove with water in it.

"Rice with vegetables and a can of tuna, that is if i can find some vegetables"

I got into the freezer "what ones?" 

"Umm, green pepper, green beans, if no green peppers then any bell peppers, and celery if you have it"

I grabbed a bag of all but the celery and set the frozen vegetables on the counter. she opened the bag of bell pepper pieces  and smiled taking a yellow one and biting it.

"yum yellow bell peppers my favorite"  she said dicing all the other vegetables along with the bell peppers and setting aside a small bowl of yellow, red, and orange ones. (probably for her to snack on)

I gave a small smile as she found a small bag of rice and "now for it to cook then it will all be done" she claimed with a smile. i felt myself blush a little and began to measure out the rice. she placed a can of tuna in the pot along with the vegetables.

I poured out three cups of rice and she mixed it all together and placed a lid on top. she opened another can of tuna. "i smell fish yuck" Hunter said looking up from his phone. Bowser ran in and proceeded to beg.

"Because i enjoy tuna, its yummy" Christa said with a smirk.

"your almost as bad as shady"

"well penguins (she pronounced it Peh-ng-gweens) are cool too" she said eating some of the tuna, and dropped some down to Bowser who eagerly awaited more.

~Christa's P.O.V~

I think Nate's dog likes me. I finished the can of tuna and dropped the last of it down to Bowser who was licking his chomps for more. "your spoiling him" Nate said with a small laugh.

I chuckled lightly and set the can on the floor. I heard a click and looked up to see Nate holding his phone in front of him. "your not posting that are you?" Hunter asked trying to imitate Nate's voice.

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