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I hear nocking on the front door and I sigh. Every junior and senior must be here already! I open it to find a group of ten people, all very good looking. They're the new kids! I realize.

One who looks Asian and was very tall speaks "Uh, we're here for the party I guess..." He says and I laugh.

"Yeah, come on in!" I say brightly and they smile as they walk in the house. I'm having a big party for New Years, in my parents mansion. I'm not stuck up or spoiled though. Okay, we'll obviously my parents spoil me but I'm not a brat about it.

My name is Julie Weber and I am in my senior year at high school. Anyways, I don't see the new kids again until we decided to play truth or dare.

It was my friends Jen, Christine, Henry, Stella, Christopher, Angelina and Frank (different Frank) and some others that we knew. The new kids play too and I learn that there names are Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Leo, Calypso, Hazel, Frank, Thalia, Will and Nico.

So about twenty of us are playing and I think her name is Piper? She goes first.

"Annabeth! Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Annabeth states confidently.

"I dare you to call your mom and tell her that Percy got you pregnant." Annabeth turns as white as paper, Percy even more so.

Annabeth dials a number on her phone, this should be entertaining!

"Annabeth!" I can hear a voice say. "What is so important that you need to call?" Wow. Rude.

"Mom... Percy may or may not have gotten me pregnant she says and the line is silent. Finally a voice sighs and speaks.

"If you're to play going truth or dare, you should actually come up with original dares." A woman's voice says and the line goes dead.

Percy's mouth drops open and I can tell he's wondering the same thing I am. How did she know?!

We keep playing and everything is going good, until it is Christopher's turn anyways.

"Thalia truth or dare?" He asks and she chooses dare.

"Okay! I dare you to... Kiss me." He smirks but I can practically see lighting flash in her eyes!

"I don't date." She says, dangerously calm.

"Oh come on! Just do the dare!" He says back and I frown.

"You know what? No. I'm outta here!" She says and with that, she runs out of the room.

Will sighs and says "I guess we better go to. Thanks for inviting us Julie!"

They leave too and leave me wondering... why is it so important that she won't date?

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