Enrique friends

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*jhonny POV*
We already went to tell Connies friends. Now we were on our way to tell my friends. It's funny because all of Connie friends have a boy friend. And there boy friend are my friends lol. We were almost there but Connie wanted Taco Bell so we stopped by real quick. As we were waiting in the drive threw I turned up the volume and my favorite song came on. I started singing to the lyrics. I sing them really loud. DONT YA WISH YA GIRL FRIEND WAS HOT LIKE ME. DONT YA WISH YA GIRL FRIEND WAS A FREAK LIKE ME. DONT YA !!! I look at Connie & she just laughs and smiles.

*connie POV*
We were going to Jhonny's house. Before we went to there house we got some Taco Bell. While we were waiting in the drive threw I noticed Jhonny turned up the volume. He started singing to the song. When he was done I just start laughing and smiling 😂😄😄

*Jhonny POV*
After we were done eating we went to my house. (My friends live there to) couple minutes later we got to me house. We knock on the door and Enrique let us in.

*Connie POV*
I kneo me on the door and Enrique let us in. Jhonny and Enrique did that one bro hand shake and hug. And Jhonny saw Mason,Jessie & Frankie and they all did the bro handshake. It was kinda funny. I started giggling a little. I guess Jhonny saw me giggle and he picked me up and said what Re you laughing at? I said nothing and he started ticking me (I'm not that ticklish) and I start to laugh just a little and I told him to stop. And he did. He stopped and gave me a kiss. After the long kiss it was a Make out kiss. It felt really awkward because Mason & Enrique & Jessie & Frankie were all just watching us kiss. We had to cut it short because Frankie cleared his throat. And we stared at him and said, "Get a room." We all start laughing.

*Jhonny POV*
Alright guys I need to tell you all something.

What is it??! Enrique said.

What is it??! Frankie said.

What is it??! Mason said.

What is it?!!! Jessie said

After 10 months of dating this amazing and gorgeous girl- I stopped because Frankie interrupted me.

*Frankie POV*
Wait hold up.... Wait hold on..... Every body back the fuck up.... Every one shut up..... Let me talk !!!! Frankie yelled.

*Enrique POV*
Dude Frankie your the only one fucking talking. So hurry the fuck up before we catch that fade. So start fucking talking.

*Frankie POV*
Man I would but you just interrupted me. Daum rude ass bitch. I said jokingly. We all laugh. And I got back to what I said. So when you need to tell us something does this mean you fucked her ? And you got her prego???

~The room got silent~

*Frankie POV*
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Jhonny fucked her. And fucked her hard. Everyone starts laughing. And I'm the only one trying to be serious. What are you guys laughing about ? Everyone screams out. YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!
You are so stupid Frankie yes they fucked and she is pregnant can't you see she is sitting with her legs not fully closed and her stomach is kinda big than usual Jessie said.

*Frankie POV*
Ohhhhhhhhhhh I get it now. I'm such a dumb ass.

*Connie POV*
It's funny seeing the boys argue. They sometimes fight. Frankie called him self a dumb ass and I said yea you are !!!! And everyone starts laughing.

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