How could you

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Before Clove rans away I ask her"Can you call my phone I lost it".
I Tell her my number and she dials as my phone rings in my pocket.
"Hah" I scream running away.
as I walk home I change add Clove❤️.
I begin texting her..
(❤️=Clove & 😂=Cato)
😂=What's up clover
❤️=What do u want
😂=Maybe we could go to dinner sometime
❤️=i"ll tell u later bye
I read my thoughts smiling.
Tomorrow she'll kiss me and my thought will be over with her.
Will they?
Clove's pov
I don't even understand Cato.Why can't he just leave me alone.I guess I. Think he actually likes me.I grab my phone and begin texting my best friend Mackenzie.
(👯=Mackenzie & 🔪=Clove)
🔪=Hey I was just wondering do you know a dude named Cato.
👯=Yeah tall,muscles,our age,player and good with a sword.
🔪=He keeps on annoying me
👯=He's probably doing it for fun of that is friend probably picked out a girl and said to act like u were in ❤️
🔪=But he seems different
👯=Kk bye see u at Training
👯=trust me bout him
🔪=😴😴😴😴😴 I'm sleeping
Should I trust her.I've known since I was 5 but he seems different.
-----------------------------Next day --------------------------
Cato's Pov
I jump out of bed because today I find out if I will always have feelings for clove
I run to the training area because today Saturday and schools out.
I turn around to face the Sword throwing are when someone places two hands on top of my eyes
"Guess who"she says in high pitched voice
"Clove"I say
I say turning around my eyes still closed as pull her into a kiss.
She return it back with out a blink of an eye.
I open one eye and Clove starring right at me as I look who I'm kissing.
Camille Carter.
I see tear drop down her eye as she runs off.
Clove's pov
How could he I should have listened to Kenzie she was right Cato is a player and I hate him for the rest of my life.
I sprint as fast as can with out turning back but what I don't notice is Cato is following.
I stop to catch my breate as Cato reaches me in time.
"What do you want" I scream.
"I was just"I cut him off.
"Kissing Camille Carter we'll you can go on and Marry her and I wouldn't care one bit"I scream.
"Why don't you mind your one business and do what everyone you want and I don't care"
"Just get out of my life"
"It's my fault for actually liking you"
"You hear that I actually liked"
"Don't every talk to me again"
"Clover"He says.
"By the way stop calling me that"I say sprinting away.Tears are flowing down my eyes like a waterfall .
Mackenzie pov
I see Clove run away and then I see Cato running after her.
He did something .
I see him slowly approaching .I grab him by the collar and scream"what did you do to my best friend".
"I told her not to trust you "
"Your the most idiotic person alive and then I"ll have to clean up all the mess left behind".
"Clove actually liked you she was texting me all about it so go own and play with your girls and go tell your friends you broke another girls heart and shattered it to a million pieces" I scream before running of hoping to find love.

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