From the beginning!!!

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Hey, I'm Lianna, and I'm 16. I'm a girl who changes a lot of schools, because I'm always rejected. No one wants or needs me. So I try to find a school that wants me. It's not always easy to fit in somewhere that you don't really belong, but I always try no matter what.This is the third school that I changed, and hopefully that this is the one.

8:30 am

The bell rang and I was walking fast to go to my class, I was already late. I bumped to a girl, and dropped my books.

Lianna : Hmm, hey could you help me to pick up my books.

Girl : You wish, newbie.

Well, it isn't really different from my other schools, I mean everyone is super mean. Once again, I just don't belong here, and I'm not surprised that people will treat me like that. I did nothing to them, I wonder why are they doing this to me.But after I bumped into someone else.

Lianna: Oops, I'm so sorry, I'm late, and I didn't see you there!

Justin: It's fine. Are you new??

Lianna: Yes I am. How did you know??

Justin: I just have a feeling :-). So where are you suppose to go??

Lianna: I'm going to room 134.

Justin: Oh, ok, I'll show you where's the room.

Lianna: Ok, eh... Thanks.

We walk not so much, and we didn't really speak until I said something.

Lianna: Eh... I''ve got a question.

Justin: Yeah, and what's that.

Lianna: Why are you nice to me??

Justin: Why, you don't want me to be nice to you??

Lianna: No, it's just that everyone is mean to me, but you.

Justin: I was new too so, I felt like your feeling. Here we are, room 134.

Hey I didn't catch your name.

Lianna: I'm Lianna Brookland.

Justin: Ok, I'm Justin Warrington, and I like your name. Bye

Lianna: Ehh... Thanks Justin,bye.

I entered in the class, and I sat in the last row, because I'm new.But I couldn't stop thinking of Justin, really nice to me and he's kinda cute with his beautiful blue eyes. Will, maybe that things are going to turn up great for me after all. The class last more than one hour, and all that time, I was only thinking of the same person :-).

After the class, I saw Justin.

Lianna: Ehh... Hey Justin.

Justin: Hey Lianna, right??

Lianna: Ehh... Yeah.

Justin: So what's up??

Lianna: Ohh... Nothing much, you??

Justin: Like you, nothing :-). Hey do you have friends that come here, at this school??

Lianna: Nope. No friends here. I guess that you have a billion of friends here.

Justin: Yeah, fake friends, but truth friends, just 3. I don't really want a lot of best friends 'cause I'm afraid to lose them, do you get me.

Lianna: Yeah...

Justin: Ehh... Are you ok Lianna, you look sad.

Lianna: Yeah I'm fine, it's nothing.

Justin: Ohh... Ok, well I could give you a tour of the school, if you want.

Lianna: Yeah... Sure... Ehh... Thanks.

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