six: her

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     “Do you have to go?” Nour asked. I sighed while packing my clothes into my suitcase. Turning around I faced the three girls and one boy in my room also helping me pack. “Look, I will only be gone for a month. I haven’t seen my parents in forever and they have been dying to see me,” turning back around to zip up my suitcase. After weighing the suitcase just to make sure it doesn’t exceed the luggage weight. I’m only bringing two suitcases that are fifty pounds because if not I have to pay another hundred dollars. I have the money to but if I can save money then I will. 

     Looking at the two suitcases weight once again I took it off the scale and set it next to the my bedroom door. All of us bought a five bedroom house. James had his own room because it would be weird seeing a guy change. Brooke and Nour shared a room on the second floor right next to James’ room. Then Karianne and I shared a room on the across from them and then the fourth room is the guest room on the bottom floor. Unless they want to sleep on the second floor then there is also one room on the second floor.

    Most of you might be wondering how we have that money to get a five bedroom house. Well other than our band career I still have my own store where I had make things. James still work part time at the bakery anytime he has time. Nour works as a manager in Hollister, while Karianne and Brooke work at Hot Topic. Of course we didn’t work because we were on tour. Except me of course, I can take my work anywhere. I just need the supplies and I can work on it.

     Anyway, back to the story. After making sure I have everything in my backpack for the trip we all went downstairs. “Are you sure you don’t want to come to the airport with me?” I asked them tying my vans on.

     “It would be harder to say good bye if we go with you,” Nour explained. The rest nodded in agreement. “Anyway, we wouldn’t want to slow you down,” Brooke added. I gave the a sad smile. “I guess it will just be me and James then. I’ll see you girls in a month,” hugging all the girls. James and I put my stuff in the back of the car and drove all the way to the airport.

At the airport

     There were so many people at the airport when I got there. But what surprised me was when there was a lot of fans with “Broken, Not Forgotten” band merchandise on, that I personally made. “How did they know that we were coming?” I asked James. He had a guilty look on his face “I might have tweeted it when you were sleeping that we were going to the airport,” he stated.

     I rolled my eyes. The airport is like a two hour drive from hour shared house. Last night really drained me and I didn’t sleep a wink last night because I was making sure that I washed and folded my laundry that I used for the tour before I leave today. I know that James and them wouldn’t do it because they have their own stuff to wash, so I did. I also was having a Supernatural marathon.

     Putting my phone in my galaxy backpack and putting on my sunglasses I faced James. “Lets go, I don’t want to miss my flight,” I stated. Once out of the car, the girls started to scream when they saw James and I got out of the car. They started to push to get to us. I gladly took a few pictures with a few fans before I reached the back of the car. I instructed the girls and guys to move so they don’t get hit by  the door. 

     Closing the back of the car, security finally came into play. They were yelling at the girls to stop pushing and to move back. We never had this much trouble getting into airports because we aren’t that big. I don’t mind the attention it just can get a little out of hand when it comes to fans. Finally getting my luggage situated, I gave James a good bye hug.  

     “When you land don’t forget to call us okay so we know that you made it safe,” he stated and gave me on more hug. “We are going to miss you.”

     Hugging him back, I held him tight. “I will miss you guys too. Try not to ruin the house while I’m gone. I promise I’ll call you when I land. Okay, I better  get going. I love you,” releasing him from the hug and fix my backpack. Going through security, I waved back at James before I left. My heart broke. I’m like leaving another family of mine. I know it is only for a month but I still will miss them.

Landed in Australia

     After that long flight, I went to go get me bag. Once I reached the bag pick up area I waited a bit. Sometimes I mistaken other people’s luggage’s for mine. Finally I was able to get my two suitcases and went to the front. Once I was able to get to the lobby, I stopped and turned on my phone to. Once my phone has turned on I quickly pressed the green message app.

    I swear I heard someone yell, “Watch out!”  But I shaked off the feeling. Starting to text James and them that I landed, I was slammed to the ground. I feel to the floor hard. Letting out a groan, I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to subdue on my right shoulder.

     “I am so sorry,” stated an Australian accent that I haven’t heard in a long time. Snapping my eyes open, I made contact with the person who basically tackled me to the floor. He has a shocked face, “Diane?”


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