Ian's P.O.V.-

Now that Lasercorn and I are a couple, I think the rest of the gang has become even more suspicious than before we were a couple because every time I get remotely close to Lasercorn, everyone, including Wes and Flitz, stops what they are doing and stares at Lasercorn and I and when they stare at us, I begin to blush and then I have to run out of the room because I'm so embarrassed and when I'm embarrassed, I can't focus and I slowly begin to break down and when I break down, I become a train wreck like Amanda Bynes* and it isn't pretty. I'm hoping that they don't figure out that Lasercorn and I are a couple before we tell them. After we tell the group, he and I will do an Ian is Bored video to tell the Smoshers and a Raging Bonus video to the the Smosh Gamers that Lasercorn and I are a couple and after we tell them, hopefully we won't get any IanCorn hate comments and if we do, I know that I won't care. Anyways, I need to somehow figure out a way to tell the rest of the group with Lasercorn and hopefully we come up with a good plan for telling them like gathering them at the Smosh house and throwing ourselves a party to celebrate our friendships and then after a while, telling them that Lasercorn and I are a couple and then hoping for a good reaction from them and if we don't get a good reaction from them, I am going to break down right in front of everyone and usually when I break down and Anthony notices, he begins to have a panic attack and when I notice him having a panic attack, my break down becomes even worse and he hasn't noticed a break down from me in like 2 months so hopefully Lasercorn and I get a good reaction from everyone so I don't have to have a break down.
Lasercorn's P.O.V.-
Now that I have the best boyfriend in the world, our friends are becoming more and more suspicious every single day about our relationship and they're starting to creep me out a little bit. Say we're filming a Game Bang, if Ian even sits down next to me, whoever is speaking will stop talking, including Wes who's behind the camera and Flitz who's also behind the scenes, will stare at us funny and then we get embarrassed and one of us will move to the other side of the chairs and then they will stop staring at us and whoever was speaking will continue to speak and its just really awkward now. Hopefully they won't figure out that Ian and I are a couple before we tell them because if they do, I'll be rally ashamed and then I'll probably look really stupid and it would just become a train wreck. Hopefully Ian comes up with a plan to tell the rest of the group, the smoshers, and the smosh gamers that we are a couple. If we get hate, we get hate and if we don't, we don't.
Yes I made a Smosh reference. Search "Smosh Stop Miley" in the YouTube search bar.

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