"I say we take her down! Show her no one messes with our band of hybrids!" Cried Wolf. As Silver, Lexi, CJ, Toxic, Mid, Louise, Zero, and Skylar Lox circled around the table with a map. "No even after what she's done she's still my best friend." Said Midnight sternly. Wolf began to shrink back silencing herself. "What other choice do we have?" Said Zero. "Yeah." Piped up Louise who was really, just protective of Aaron (his son). Midnight sighed shaking her head, she couldn't do it. She just couldn't bring herself too. Silver patted her back giving a gentle smile. "She must be stopped I don't think there is any other option." Mid listening to everyone's thoughts and nodded with a heartbroken look. "Fine we know where her castle is thanks to Skylar. But it'll only be us, who are in this room to go on this journey. Understand?" She snapped everyone nodded, as the followed silence drifted around the room.
Abigail moped down the hall of her castle and into her bedroom. As her hair had became black (with orange streaks), and her eyes orange again. Looks like the potion wasn't as strong as she thought. She jumped when Scarlett came into her bedroom, "No don't look at me!" She cried out hiding under the covers of her large canopy bed. Scarlett tilted her head and lifted the blanket up. Abigail screwed her eyes shut and curled up in a ball, she wanted them to think she was still normal. Scarlett gasped and grabbed Abigail's left hand she was staring at the flame mark. Then the other mark the blue star, "I knew it." Whispered Scarlett revealing the same star on her right hand. Abigail gaped in surprise, and then jumped as a blaze flew in. She became very startled when the blaze shifted into Jason (the blaze king). He combed his black hair. and sorta what you would call a beard with his hands. On his left hand Abigail saw the flame mark, identical to her's and Scarlett's that was also identical to her's. "W-Who are you people?" She questioned, Scarlett sighed and said straight forward the best she could. "Your parents." Abigail shook her head, "That's impossible my parents are dead." Jason stepped up clearing his throat. "You mean your Uncle and Aunt. And your cousins are the ones who hate you not sisters." Abigail couldn't understand after listening to Scarlett explain twice. She was just to shocked to think. She calmly stood up and hugged them both happily, she couldn't believe it. Both her parents filled with joy returned the embrace. Just like that the second the joy returned in their lives, it was gone again. A loud crashing noise and sounds of angry voices could be heard. Fear struck through Abigail she knew it was the hybrids the band and leaders. Her old friends coming to finish her and finish what she started. "Stay here." She told her parents locking them in her room sealing the door with magic. She ran down the winding stairs of the tower to see Mid, Zero, Louise, CJ, Toxic, Wolf, Silver, Skylar, and Lexi in fighting positions as they charged at her Abigail only stood still. She did not wish to fight as they all grabbed her arms and roped her with a enchanted rope that would contain any power she had. Making her useless against the rope, with her head hanging down the band of hybrids dragged her out the castle. The last thing Abigail looked up and remembered seeing was the panicked look of her mother, from the highest tower in the castle from her bedroom window...

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