Warning: There's some smut in here.

-Harry's POV-

        "Harry, what're you doing here?" Zayn asked as the guard opened the cell. I walked in and sat down on Zayn's bed. 

        "I decided to come visit you. Why? Do you want me to leave?" I asked, standing back up. He grabbed my hand, chuckling.

        "No, I don't want you to leave." He said, pulling me back onto the bed. "I'm just surprised that you came by."

        I nodded. "I just wanted to ask you a few questions."

        He nodded and laid back down on his bed, putting his hands behind his head. 

        "Okay. Shoot."

        "Why did you start abusing Ashton and I?" I whispered, flinching when he sat up quickly. 

        "Don't be scared, baby. I'm not going to hurt you." He whispered, wrapping his arms around me as he placed me in his lap. "I'm so sorry that I abused you. Losing my job made me realize that I would never be a good enough husband and I didn't want to lose you guys, but I did. I mean look at you. You're married and you have a child on the way."

        I sighed, looking down at his hands on my stomach. "Actually, I'm not married anymore. I caught Liam cheating on me with his secretary twice."

        Zayn tightened his hold around me. "I'm sorry that things aren't looking up for you."

        I shook my head. "No, it's fine. The kids and I are staying with my parents right now, but I'm hoping to find my own home so that I won't have to worry about not giving my parents privacy."

        Zayn sighed. "I wish I was there to help you."

        I smiled, placing my hand on his cheek. "It's alright, Zaynie. I'm sorry that you're still in here."

        "They said that I might get released in a month since I've been doing good."

        "That's good to hear."

        He nodded before we sat in silence and just look into each others eyes. Very slowly we leaned in at the same time until our lips touched. I whimpered, placing my hand on his cheek as I kissed him back. He flipped us over so that he could lay me down on the bed and he could climb on top of me. I panted when he pulled away and started kissing down my neck.

        "I've missed you, Harry." He said in between kisses.

        "I've missed you too, Zaynie." I gasped, arching my back as he trailed his hands up my shirt. He rubbed my stomach gently before he kissed it.

        "I'll help you as much as I can until you want me to leave. Alright?" 

        I nodded, lifting my hips so that he could pulled my sweatpants down. I blushed when he stared at me since I wasn't wearing any underwear. 

        "Can we get under the blanket?" I asked. "I don't want the others to see me." 

        "Of course, babe." He said, helping me under the covers. He took off his prison uniform before he climbed on top of me under the covers. I spread my legs so that he could lay his body against mine. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

         I nodded, panting. I was beyond horny because of my hormones so all I wanted was to feel a big d*ck inside me again.

        "Okay baby, I'm going in. Let me know if it hurts too much."

        I gasped when Zayn pushed inside me, stretching me. I had forgotten how big Zayn was.

        "You okay, baby?" Zayn asked when he was all the way inside me. I nodded, clawing at his sides. He pulled out before pushing me back in. I whimpered when he started pounding into me faster. I tightened my legs around him as I felt myself release all over his chest. Zayn groaned before coming inside me. He stayed inside me as he laid down behind me so that he was spooning me, placing his hand on my stomach.

        "I've really missed you, Zayn." I said, placing my hand on top of his.

        "I've missed you too, Harry, but it's almost time for you to go." He said, sadly. "Visitors are only allowed to visit for an hour."

        I whimpered when he pulled out before wiping the come off of me with the bedsheets. He helped me put on my sweatpants before leaning down to kiss me. I kissed him back before pulling away, looking into his eyes.

        "I'll come visit you again in a couple of days." I said. He smiled and nodded.

        "I'll be waiting for you." He whispered before watching me walk out of his cell when the guard came back for me. I kissed his cheek before walking away with the guard. 

        When I got out of the prison I got in my car and sat there, sighing. I can't believe I just had sex with Zayn. What the hell was I thinking? I mean yeah I still love Zayn, but I don't think my mom would like it if I got back together with him. Oh what was I going to do?


        So yeah. I don't know what I'm writing -_-




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